Everything that Joe Hart said to SKY Sports as he played his last Celtic match at Parkhead in the 3-2 win over St Mirren

Can you sum it all up from walking that trophy down the Celtic Way and the scenes inside here as well as the last three years which have all been incredible for you?

It really has. It is more than I ever asked for or could have wanted. I just wanted to come here and play and be a part of this incredible place. I am truly honoured to play for this wonderful football club. It is a sad day but it is the right time. We have still got a lot of work to do this week.

Is it the right time to call it a day? From my perspective, your form has been excellent, how can you walk away from all of this?

I got to a point. I had a very good 20s and football was very good to me. Then I struggled a bit in terms of my place and then I got this opportunity. I couldn't turn it down. I didn't know how it was going to play out but I wanted to play for three years and give everything to it. I got a point in my life when I was potentially on the way out and then I got this opportunity. I don't want to push that luck. I just want to finish strong. I want to finish in this special place as part of this special club. I think it is my time to move aside and let someone else have some fun.

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When you go into that dressing room and you burst out crying don't worry about it. You are a long time retired but this club has got into your blood hasn't it?

It does. I am super emotional because, at the end of your career, it is not just you, it's your family and friends who have been with you through everything and they represent you and you and try and represent them as best you can. We are totally in love with this place and I'm not ready to cry as I love it.

Was it physical or mental?

It is definitely not physical. I felt that this was my moment. I felt really uncomfortable knowing it and not telling the manager so I had to tell him and the lads. I wanted to say it and I wanted everyone to understand why I was doing it but | wanted to be at my peak if you like when I finished. We have one more week to go now.

How much have you enjoyed it since the announcement?

I told Stevie Woods after the St Mirren cup game and I went to tell him and I couldn't. I was crying my eyes out and he thought there was a family emergency or something. I managed to snivel out what I was doing. He was shocked and he was understanding. I appreciate the understanding of this place. It just felt like the right time.

Was there a moment when you were playing when you thought that's it?

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There are definitely moments. I am not at the peak of my powers but I was able to always be ready for the games. Whereas before I wanted to be out there arguing it strikers and getting that banter. Getting chipped and getting angry. Now I get chipped and say 'well done'. That's when you know it is time to let it go. I just know that next season I would be going to games and I wouldn't quite be right and I didn't want all this pressure of having to play because I was committed. I didn't want to put the manager under any of that pressure and I love him for the fact that he has appreciated that I told him what I wanted to do and I have been able to do it.

Are you worried that you are going to regret it?

Life is about making decisions and I stand by it. There will be a moment next year or in two years when I might. I wasn't looking for anything then I saw the banner and they know how to get to you.

Can you imagine you would have this impact on Celtic and their supporters when you came to Glasgow?

I didn't want anything other than to play. I thumped my head after I saw the banner and the fans were singing my name. There are two different people at work here. There is the guy who came from Shrewsbury and loves his family and his children and then there's the lunatic who plays football and wants to fight and get stuck in. It is hard to be both and it is hard to focus. It was a great day today and it was exceptional to win the game after we conceded two poor goals and I was reaching for the penalty. That was an old man dive, I could feel it.