Everything that Brendan Rogers said to SKY Sports after Celtic defeated St Mirren 3-2 on Trophy Day

Is it nice to have that league winner's medal back around your neck?

It is very special. It has been a long, hard season but we got there.

You have spoken about the board and how brave the decision was to bring you back. Has it matched your expectations coming back to Celtic Park?

I think now I will really take it in more. I think it was what I missed when I was away. It's been a brilliant season. You never get it all your own way. To have a day like today with the players is really special.

When you look at the season as a whole is this a more significant title win because of the challenge you have had from Rangers and taking over the squad from Ange Postecoglou? It's been a different season.

Just taking over from anyone who is successful is always a challenge. In my career, I have had to have the belief that I can help a team. You can only do that with top players, great staff and the supporters who were with us, especially over the last couple of months. I've enjoyed every minute.

Have you learned anything more about yourself under the circumstances?

I think it has been challenging. When I was here the first time it was quite smooth and you are always learning, aren't you? I think what I have always felt is that under pressure I can deal with it. It is just in my nature.

Did you enjoy the challenge?

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Yes. It is absolutely fantastic, I will enjoy it more in the summer when we can strengthen the squad. The players have given me everything, the support staff, and there is no doubt you are always learning and I have enjoyed that aspect of it.

How big a challenge has it been this season?

The challenge was always getting the team to a level that I wanted to. I have had a lot of work to do with the squad and to build that strength. I can't complain. The objective is to stand here today having won the title after a disastrous season. We got 93 points.

That's a pretty healthy return and sometimes there are unrealistic expectations aren't there? You are not always going to get it your own way but what you have to do is dig deep, haven't you?

I think from my first time here it was like a ball and a chain wrapped around me. When we didn't win the League Cup it was like we broke free again. Then we could then start again.

You have spoken about the challenge but how did you feel about it all on a personal level?

Criticism is fine, it is all part of the game. It is when it becomes personal. That is when it oversteps the mark.

Did you feel that happened this season?

Yes. No doubt. Criticism is fine, it’s all part of the game. It’s when it becomes personal, that’s when it oversteps the mark. From August 26 the headlines were negative and I actually showed the guys today before we came here the story was created throughout the season. The narrative and various headlines, some were professional and some were personal. But I’ve always said that we write our own story. It’s not just a professional sports story, it’s life. You’ll get written off, you’ll get criticised but as long as you stick to your own storyline you’ll be okay.”