Everything winger Sead Haksabanovic said to the press in the aftermath of Celtic's 2-1 Sydney Super Cup defeat to Sydney FC...

What were your thoughts on the game?

We want to win every game no matter if it is a friendly or in the league. We came a long way and unfortunately, we did not show our best on the day and we are not happy.

Are you still feeling the effects of the journey yourself?

It is a long journey, and you are not used to the times as well. It is very hard to sleep right and everything like that as well but it is no excuse. We should have gone out there and tried to give it everything we can. We are not happy today.

You say you are not happy, and the manager wasn't happy but on a personal level I thought you were good, and you have been in great form before the break are you reaching your peak at Celtic, and you will be even better after the break?

I feel good and I have confidence now that I have scored goals. I want to go out just enjoy it and I have good teammates who play for a great club with great fans, and they showed it today and hopefully I can give more.

You said after you scored goals for Celtic that you would relax a bit more and have three now - do you feel that has happened?

I have scored three goals for Celtic now and in my head, I am more relaxed.

You are forming nice partnerships with players like Jota, are you more comfortable in what you are doing now as you can read what they are doing?

Yes, of course. At first, I was new, and I did not know how everybody moved on the pitch, but you learn from good team-mates, and I feel more in with them and everything like that and what we are doing in Australia is very good.

Celtic Way:

How do you rate the Celtic squad in terms of ability and options?

I rate it very highly as we have great players, and everybody can score goals, everybody can change a game and I believe in every team-mate in the squad.

Do you feel that you are ready to make a bigger contribution to the squad?

Yes. 100 per cent. I still feel that I have more to give and more to accomplish.

We are starting to see you and Jota produce bits of skill, who has the most tricks in the bag?

I don't know, it would probably be a draw, but you would have to ask them.

Young Rocco Vata came on and is he someone you have been impressed by in term of promise and potential?

Rocco has got good things to his game that can make him become a good player. He is still young and needs to work on some things but given time and experience he will become a good player. Bosun Lawal has also come in and he showed a little bit so he can be great as well so hopefully for them both if they need anything they can come to me. They will learn over time.

Coming here to Australia and seeing so many fans here just tell you how big a club Celtic are does that just re-emphasise that point?

Everywhere we go we have a massive fanbase and today again they showed that they are fucking brilliant.

There are some massive games coming up after the restart and you want to keep building that momentum after the World Cup finals so what would getting off to a flying start mean to you?

The games will be important and when we go to Portugal everybody needs to do the best they can in training, and we can be on our best form and hopefully we can kick on from where we left.