Every word Ange Postecoglou had to say in his post-match press conference after Celtic's 2-1 loss to Sydney FC in Australia...

What did you make of that? 

It was a very good game and there was a lot of goalmouth action but we were nowhere near it today. We were well off it. We didn't start the game well and credit to Sydney I thought they were good and they were sharp and started the game better. In the second half, we improved a little bit, but we were nowhere near the levels we needed to be and Sydney deserved to win.

Is that a disappointment to you, Ange, as you said in the pre-match you wanted a performance?

It is always a disappointment, irrespective of any loss. We set a standard and expectations and levels, and if we fall below that then it is disappointing irrespective of the circumstances or what the environment is or what the competition is.

Do you excuse the players and cut them some slack for the long journey of sorts?

No mate. I am not a violin player. We get on with it. They probably are tired. So what? The game was today it is not tomorrow. That's the way it is, and we were not anywhere near the levels we needed to be at, but that is part of the learning process for everyone.

You constantly stress that these guys know the levels don't they?

I understand it is not easy and it is a long trip and you are getting off there and in any game of football, there is always excuses if you want them. We have chosen not to do that in the past, and that is what we'll do today.

There were opportunities for some but what it missed opportunities?

I don't think anyone can say tonight that they put their best foot forward whether they have been playing or not. For everyone, it is not a night where you played anywhere near the level that you needed to.

Were you surprised that Sydney put up such a fight?

No. it's a game of football, mate and it is irrespective of why you are playing against and one team is not at the level they need to be, and the other team is then I am not surprised. We got on top in the second half, but the game goes for 90 minutes.

Celtic Way:

What does it say about the standard of Australian football if they can push a team like you guys?

That's not how you measure the standard. The standard is how they are going in the league and if they play like that every week will they win the league that's how you measure the standard. You don't judge the standard in one-off games, but I am well aware of the standard in this league.

Does Stephen Welsh have a little bit of a concussion?

I don't know, mate. He is getting his head stitched up and that was our main concern.

Good to be back in this environment and was it emotional?

I'm not here on holiday. I am here representing our football club and that's where my focus is. I am not going to be getting a boat around the harbour tomorrow. I enjoy when it things go well. I don't enjoy it when they don't.

A defeat is a defeat - it does not matter the circumstances, does it?

We have standards and we have been really good at maintaining those. You can take these and put them to one side, but I think everything has meaning and there is meaning to everything you do.

Yosuke [Ideguchi] and Oliver [Abildgaard] got game-time, where do you see them going?

They are like everyone else and there is no hierarchy and they are not separated. They train together every day. They are all at the starting point on the starting line and where they finish is up to them whether they have had an opportunity or not. Whether they play 10-in-a-row or one in a row there is an expectation on their performance and if you don't meet those expectations then you go back and work again and wait for your next opportunity.

Joe Hart and Giorgos Giakoumakis missed out - why? 

Joe Hart was a bit sore after the last game, and Giako (Giakoumakis) had an infected toe, so he missed training yesterday. They might be in for Sunday.

Rocco Vata was quite lively when he came on, wasn't he?

Yeah, it was good for him to come on and Bosun Lawal, too and it is good for them to get that senior experience and bring them into the environment and learn from it.

How is Moritz Jenz?

We are going through the concussion protocols with him now, and he is passing all the tests. We will see if he is available for Sunday and all being well he will be.

A nice moment the Hall of fame award before the game, were you touched by that? 

It is recognition of my journey in football and not just mine but for the people who set me off on my journey like my parents, my family, my kids and my friends and those who have been along for the whole journey and it is recognition for all their support of me, and I have been fortunate to have been a part of that for the past 35 years in Australian football. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

Scott Robertson did well when he came on, didn't he?

Yeah, he was OK. There is nobody in there who will be thinking 'I played well tonight' whether they started or not.