It’s called the beautiful game for a reason – and nowhere is it more attractive than in Glasgow’s east end.

But what’s gotten distinctly ugly about it in recent years is the incessant clickbait, quantity-over-quality, targets-must-be-hit philosophy that permeates much of the old media’s presence online despite nobody – not even those tasked with churning the stuff out – enjoying the experience very much.

That’s not what we’re about at The Celtic Way.

It’s our aim to produce top-class content every day that not only befits the historic club we cover but, crucially, that Celtic fans can trust and genuinely like.

That’s important to us. We don’t want you to click in anger or fury. We want to produce content that people actually enjoy.

Here are five reasons why we’re asking you to subscribe today and join our growing community.

1. We cover Celtic with the respect the team deserves. Our writers all care about the club, its past, its present and its future. We will not be hanging out cheap headlines or sensationalising throwaway comments just to generate more clicks. Considered, analytical and balanced content is the order of the day with us; you can trust us to look deeper, at the whys and the hows, and give you articles with substance.

2. Our analysis is backed by the best data in the business. We have partnered with StatsBomb and WyScout to ensure our writers are equipped to dig as deep as they need to for stories. Whether that’s breaking down a key incident in granular detail, scouting the latest transfer link or dissecting a particularly devastating display of Ange-ball, we use facts to back up our opinions. Every single Celtic game is explored judiciously in a match report like no other too. Expected goals, heat maps, passing networks, shot assists… we’ve got you covered with content you just don’t get anywhere else.

3. We’re accessible. Every morning you can join us as we discuss all things Celtic live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You can also find our briefings on the website whenever you fancy too. Then there’s our tactical videos exploring formations, systems and performances – what better way to stay at the vanguard of the Postecoglou revolution?

4. Our writers are always on hand to deliver thought-provoking opinion pieces about the latest events at Parkhead and even further afield when the need arises. From respected columnists such as Alison McConnell and Kevin McKenna to popular bloggers like Ross Goodwin (@BhoysAnalytics) and, of course, our staff writers Tony Haggerty, Sean Martin and Andy Bargh, we have a heady mix of minds available to put compelling, reasoned arguments in front of you on a variety of topics.

5. Fascinating long-form content is vital in our quality-over-quantity mission. We’ll take you down roads less travelled and some you even think you know like the back of your hand with fresh eyes and an appetite to find out more. It might be extended interviews about fondly-remembered eras – such as Tosh McKinlay’s emotional conversation about the Tommy Burns team of the 1990s – or podcast documentaries like our in-depth look at the Demolition Derby in 2000, either way there will be plenty on the website for you to get your teeth into on a daily basis.

Simply put, this kind of journalism takes time and money.

The men in green and white are playing football the Celtic Way on the pitch – with style, substance and swagger. That’s how we’ll cover the club too.

Join us in our quest to create something new and exciting in the Scottish sports journalism landscape. Subscribe today.