Goalkeeping coach Derek Soutar reckons Hoops No.1 Vasilis Barkas made a major error in judgement during the Hoops 1-1 draw against FC Midtjylland in the Champions League on Tuesday night at Celtic Park.

Barkas was left flapping at the air as Evander's devious angled free-kick travelled all the way into the net to hand the Danes a precious 1-1 draw ahead of next Wednesday's second leg in Denmark.

Soutar believes that Barkas should have opted to punch the ball clear when he instead inexplicably pulled his hands away and cost Ange Postecoglou's side a crucial victory.

The head coach was taking charge of Celtic for the first time in a competitive match but he is adamant that goalkeeping coach Stevie Woods would have had Barkas well drilled in dealing with such situations and that unfortunately, the Greek internationalist has failed in basic practice.

The former Scotland B keeper said: "I don't like having a go at goalkeepers but I have to say Vasilis Barkas has not covered himself in glory here at all. I coach goalkeepers now and it is a unique and specific position.

"That kind of ball into the six-yard box is a goalkeeper's all day long. Not only should Barkas have come out and taken bodies in the process if necessary. 

"He should be putting either one fist or two fists on it and punching it well clear to safety.

"It looks like he's suffered a major lapse of concentration as he is probably focusing too much on the movement ahead of him with players running towards goal.

"I know Celtic goalkeeping coach Stevie Woods and he would have him well drilled in terms of the sorts of crosses, free-kicks and dangerous whipped balls into the box that he would have faced against Midtjylland, especially with the likes of Evander on the pitch.

"The inexplicable thing here is that Barkas has moved towards the ball and it looks to me as if he has actually pulled his hands away from it.

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"Whenever you are in doubt as a goalkeeper you are always taught to punch the ball clear and ask questions later.

"Barkas hasn't convinced so far despite been given a second chance ahead of Scott Bain and Conor Hazard.

"I have coached Conor and I tell you right now he would have dealt with the same situation by coming through bodies and punching the ball clear. It's a grave error."

With the mistake now made and the damage done, Barkas will have to show mental fortitude to reset and go again.

Soutar said: "I look at the game in a coaching sense and that specific ball from Evander is a goalkeeper's all day long.

"I work on stuff like that with my lads.

"You get your video analysis and you break it down and look closely at what the opposition does.

"You study the types of balls - inswingers, outswingers, the height of the ball. Are the crosses low, are they driven? We work on all of that before every game.

"Stevie Woods will have had Barkas well prepared for what he was about to face. Barkas just has to hold his hands up and say he made a major mistake. He has to move on quickly and get it out of his system."