Top Line Summary

  • Feels confident after scoring derby goal
  • Issues update on potential stay
  • How Brendan Rodgers has progressed his game
  • How Celtic would fare down south...

Everything Celtic striker Adam Idah said to the media, ahead of their match against St Mirren on Saturday afternoon...

Did you have mixed feelings about last week as you came on and did so well? You must have thought that the game was won.

No, coming on the aim was to try and get a goal and of course, try and win the game. I think I am experienced enough now to know that you need to play to the final whistle and we didn't get too carried away with ourselves. Unfortunately, we didn't get the three points and we got a point at the end of the day and we'll take it.

You did very well and can you separate your performance and tell us how you think that will do in terms of featuring this weekend?

It helps any player when they score a goal, especially with confidence and getting out there and wanting to score more goals. I'm really enjoying playing up here and it is probably the most confident I have ever been. People can tell that when I'm on the pitch and that's the best I have played as you can tell by the goals. In terms of performance, it really does help me.

How do you view the result? You mentioned that you will take the point but who does it leave in the better position in your eyes?

It was a disappointment for us with how the game went as we were in the lead but getting a point and we'll take it. It is frustrating not to take all three points. The boys did brilliantly and stuck together until the end. We will just take each game as it comes.

Is it up there as one of the most important goals of your career?

Possibly. Who knows? It was an amazing feeling. To get a goal in that derby is crazy. When you are a player who wants to play for Celtic that is the only game you want to score in. It is massive. Who knows what will happen at the end of the season, we will see.

How much has that result put you in the position to try and win the league?

Ever since I have come in here, and previously with the lads before, they take each game as it comes. We don't really speak about the outcome at the end of the season. We've got a game tomorrow. That's the next target and we will try and win the game and take it as it comes.

You said this is the most confident you have ever been. What do you put that down to?

I've got a lot more minutes playing and the manager has a lot of trust in me. The lads have gotten used to me and they know my style of football. I think when people have that trust in you and you can get minutes and once that first goal comes, you do become confident in yourself and that helps so much. I am talking about little things like the fans being with you is huge and that is good for me and it helped me a lot. It motivates me more to try and do better.

You are really enjoying yourself. Would you want it to be long-term?

I don't know what's going to happen yet. I haven't thought about what's next for me because like I said I am enjoying my football here and I want to try and finish the season on a high and who knows we'll see.

The last few weeks you have been coming off the bench and trying to make an impact. Is it just trying to make that impact when you get on the pitch week to week?

Yes, 100 per cent. I think we have got a great squad here so regardless if I start or if I am on the bench and even if I don't come on I will always help the team as much as I can. I think scoring some goals and some quite important ones has been really good. For me, especially at this period of the season, it doesn't matter who plays what games and who is doing what. It is just important that we get together as a team and score goals and contribute to winning games which is the main thing.

A lot has been said about the derby match in front of no away fans. Was that quite a weird sensation scoring and not having any sort of cheer going up apart from the dugout?

It was a bit like COVID times. It was a bit strange. It is the first time that has happened for me and it was a bit of an experience. I am looking forward to the next game now.

The manager spoke when you first came in about how excited he was to work with you. Has that been a process that has helped your confidence with the things in your game that he is working on?

There are a lot of things that he does with me and the other attacking players in training and you can see that I have brought that into my game and that has helped me massively. When I first came in we spoke about things that I could improve on and he wants to help me improve. Week by week I am doing that. I try and repay him with as much faith as he is putting in me and I think we have got a good connection.

Do you feel like there’s a lot more to come as well when you’re making that progress?

I think being that confident player is huge. For me especially when I was back at Norwich I wasn’t that confident and I wasn’t getting minutes. It’s a difficult place to be in when you’re not doing so well. I think to come here and everyone behind me - the staff, the fans - it’s been great for me. I’m loving it.

Does that impact you every day? 

Yeah, it’s massive. I think regardless if it’s scoring goals or improving bits in the game it helps with everything. It’s the little things, the mood in training for example. It’s difficult for a player to go into the training and not being at the highest standard and things might not be going your way. I think when you’re comfortable you brush things past you. Like I said, you could start one game and be on the bench the next and it doesn’t phase you. You just want to score as many goals and help the team as much as possible. It’s really a big part.

Does it get to the point with confidence when it’s low you feel like you’re going to miss every chance, and vice versa?

I don’t think you feel like you’re going to miss every chance. I think with that it’s more the fact you did miss the chance you think the world’s ending, you feel the world is on your back. You hear the bad things more than what you would do if you were confident. It’s a difficult place to be in, but there’s always a way out. Thankfully, coming up here has been great for me.

Adam, you had no Celtic fans at the game on Sunday, but on Saturday afternoon when you were leaving to go to the hotel a few thousand supporters turned up at Celtic Park and out on quite a display. What did the players think about that, especially guys that are not long at the club?

It was amazing. Every single person on that bus was amazed. I had the fright of my life when I was driving in! It’s hard to put into words to be at a football club and to have that support and fanbase where they genuinely love you. As players, that makes you want to do so much for the club to win games and win trophies. It's huge. They’re huge for us, and playing in front of them is amazing, so all the lads love them.

There was a huge audience on Sky for the game at the weekend. The Scottish Premiership is talked down in England, but you’ve got Championship and Premier League experience. How would you compare the two leagues and do you think we’re put down too much?

Yeah, I was probably part of it myself a couple of years ago. I think there’s just that concept in England where they think the Scottish League isn’t good enough. To be totally honest, I probably got roped into that too. Since coming here, it’s totally different. It’s fast football, there are top players here and big teams. It’s the same as being back down in England. It is a big league and I was quite surprised myself when I did come up, but I try and tell everyone that tells me it isn’t a good league that it is. There’s a really good standard of football up here, and there are top players playing here.

If this Celtic side was put into the Championship,  how do you think they’d do?

They’d do really well. If I’m being honest, if Celtic were in the Premier League then they’d probably have a chance of staying in it. I think training and playing with these lads week-in week-out, you can tell the standards they have around the training ground is top. I’ve probably not been in a place before where I’ve seen so much professionalism in terms of the lads doing recovery, and their rehab before training. It’s at the top of the list, so they do a great job, better than the Premier League or Championship, if I’m being honest.