Celtic woke up this morning feeling fine... and it was all courtesy of 'The Green Brigade'.

The Scottish champions were hit with another UEFA sanction ahead of their big gathering. This time the club's bank account was relieved of some €29,000 (over £25,000) after Uefa's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary body published their fines for the month of October. Celtic received an €8,000 fine for 'Blocking of public passageways', a €3,500 fine for 'Lighting of fireworks' and a €17,500 fine for 'Provocative message of an offensive nature'.

It was an inauspicious start to AGM proceedings. Tensions have been high since Celtic took the step of banning the Green Brigade amid accusations of thuggish behaviour. It should have been billed: 'The Grey (Suit) Brigade' v 'The Green Brigade'.

Amid barneys on two separate occasions at the meeting, chairman Peter Lawwell had to step in and make impassioned pleas for order when shareholders and the board clashed over the controversial 'ultras' group.

Lawwell was even forced to at one point to tell those attending to "behave or leave" as tensions rose in the Kerrydale Suite. It was always going to be the one subject that was likely to deliver serious talking points - and it certainly produced on that score.

It was Lawwell who kicked off the AGM proceedings at his first since being back at the club in his role as chairman. There was lots of positivity surrounding the club's finances which were posted in September. Celtic are a club in the very definition of 'rude health' with approximately £72 million in the bank. It is an extraordinary set of financials for which the men in suits deserve credit to a point. The club can certainly afford to stump up for the latest UEFA fine. 

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The customary review of the Treble winning season took place with the three domestic trophies as well as the women's Scottish Cup won by Fran Alonso's side taking pride of place.  A video highlights package was also shown with the voice-over provided by former boss Ange Postecoglou's inspiring words during a particular team talk last season.

There was warm applause for Brendan Rodgers - the prodigal son who returned as Celtic manager in the summer for a second time - from shareholders as he took his seat at the top table. During the AGM a video interlude was played of Rodgers who uttered the words: "It feels like I’ve never been away" and that whilst he caused hurt when he left,  he made the decision to return to the club "with his heart". He admitted that the 1-0 win over Rangers at Ibrox in September with no away fans present sparked Celtic's season into life.

Rodgers also provoked laughter from the crowd as he declared himself delighted with his appearance in the club’s Christmas video – and admitted he chuckled at his book being dusted down and reappearing on the club stores’ shelves. The Northern Irishman's interview received rapturous applause.

But it was the warring factions of the club's hierarchy and the GB that took centre stage as the feud showed no signs of abating.

Here is a breakdown of the key events and issues raised at the Celtic AGM:

On Green Brigade row

One fan called the Ultras group a "poor influence" as well as "divisive and disruptive". The shareholder pointed out that they booed the recent Remembrance Day minute’s silence - a point that was both met with disdain and clapping. It was then that Lawwell stepped in and called for order and issued his 'behave or leave' ultimatum.

Nicholson said the club wanted Celtic Park full every week but the stadium must be safe and that there had been concerns around that group for some time and those have escalated. He touched upon issues during games against Feyenoord, Motherwell, Lazio, and Hibs and his comments were applauded.  Nicholson said: "Stadium rules are not about behaviour and safety, and we've had increasing concerns about safety." The CEO insisted that it was an ongoing process to engage with the group's leaders.

On Celtic Trust backing the GB

A shareholder said: "The Celtic Trust stands in solidarity with the Green Brigade." They also inquired about the importance the board places on fan safety at away games. 

Nicholson said: "Legally safety falls to the ground operator. We take safety of supporters very seriously. Before every game we have safety briefings. One risk now is away fans - as brought up in pre-match meetings."

Nicholson admitted that he'd seen CCTV of the Hibs game and says fans were involved in trouble with the police. It was tantamount to saying that rival teams were now also concerned about some of the Celtic supporters’ behaviour.

On establishing a fan advisory board

Lawwell said: "Dialogue continues with the Green Brigade and supporters on establishing a fan advisory board. We are looking to evolve engagement and an advisory board is something we are looking at - but it has its challenges".

On the widening gap in terms of European football

Lawwell said: "The gap is getting bigger. The game has changed since we last got to the last 16. We’ve done well against Lazio and Atletico at home. We just need to be more consistent."

On Investment

CEO Michael Nicholson pledged that funds would be made available to Rodgers and that the club was looking to invest in the first team in January.

On Champions League strategy

Rodgers said: "The current squad is too big and that is something we are aware of. In the next two windows the club will aim for quality and the numbers we want. Celtic have been competitive in the UCL but we are well aware that the level is so high."

On Champions League ambition

Lawwell said: "Celtic are committed to Scottish domination, a world-class football team and UCL progress albeit it’s a huge challenge. We feel that we are competing."

Rodgers said: "Teams want young players but you need experience. The club tried to buy young and if a big league calls, it is hard to keep players here. I'd love to win the Champions League but you have to have some perspective and realise the challenges. I have experience of getting results against big teams but it’ll take time.

On justification for directors salaries rising to an 'obscene level'.

Lawwell said: "It’s not an easy gig, nobody knows the stresses more than me. I have no problem with the payment executives get. "You get what you pay for as those in the jobs are very good and deserving of it.

His final comment, a clear dig at Rangers, drew guffaws from the attendees.

He added: "Who in Scotland are they benchmarked against?"

On a Saudi Arabia or oil-rich nation takeover of the club/human rights issue

Lawwell said: "It's my view they [the Desmond family] are here for the long term."

Ross Desmond (Dermot's son) said: "Dermot grew up a Celtic fan and the club is first and last thing he thinks about during the day. It ain’t an issue as the club won't be sold in his lifetime."

On signings

Rodgers said: "No player has been pushed onto me. We have a structure and set up and we are planning for the longer term in our signing strategy. I make the final decision on whether we sign a player."

On recruitment

Rodgers said: "The big thing for me coming back was the recruitment network. By the time we reach the summer, I hope to have numbers and quality I want in the squad."

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On referees

Lawwell quipped: "The last penalty against Rangers was for a John Greig handball."

With that Lawwell then brought an end to a fiery Celtic AGM by insisting that the questions had been "entertaining in some instances". It's hard to disagree and there was plenty to chew over.

It's hard to escape the importance of the  Green Brigade row in proceedings which look set to rumble on for some time yet without a resolution - which is not ideal for all parties. But it has to be said, 'The Grey (Suit) Brigade' won this particular bout against 'The Green Brigade' on points.

Financially, Celtic do not have a care in the world and we will see how that all plays out in terms of spending come the January window. All eyes will be firmly fixed on the hierarchy to make sure they are as good as their word and give Rodgers cash to splash as promised.

Celtic did wake up this morning feeling fine... another UEFA charge to be precise. However, what cannot be disputed is that with the current bank balance the way it is and Rodgers at the managerial helm, something tells me that Celtic are into something good.