Everything Brendan Rodgers had to say in his post-match interview with Sky Sports after Celtic's 3-0 victory against Ross County in Dingwall...

Thoughts on today's game?

It was a good performance. It is always a different challenge when the opposition goes down to 10 men early in the game and give credit to Ross County because they worked ever so hard and went man to man, which is always a different challenge as a team. I thought we created a lot of chances and had some goals disallowed that I would need to see again, especially the offside and even the one before that early on. You have two guys jumping for the ball and the ball lands and we finish, and it is not given as a goal. I did not see that as a good decision, but the guys kept going and persevering.ย The guys have that quality and David Turnbull had a wonderful strike, it is second goal outside of the box this week and then Luis Palma scored a brilliant goal and a brilliant dink for the third goal. Their goalkeeper also made a lot of good saves. There is a new energy in the team and the guys off the bench gave us a lot of energy. It was a good win.

Is today the perfect example of using your squad well?

Yeah, it is just about trying to manage the game time of the players just to make sure we are as fresh as we can be. With all the changes it was a little bit slow at times I felt but in the main we had some really good combination play. You are never totally comfortable in the game till you get that second goal.

Is patience key when you are on top in a game?

I think what is very important is structure and counter pressing. You need to make sure you do not take any liberties in the game and keep both your structure and width and move the ball pick. Counter pressing denies the opponent any opportunity and I thought the players did that well.

How much are you looking forward to the game against Atletico Madrid?

Very much so as we played very well in the first game against a top-level team. The guys are just producing with all the challenges that have come their way so we will recover over the next couple days, get ready and go there excited to perform.