"Brendan Rodgers, Brendan Rodgers, You have heard us calling in the night. Brendan Rodgers, Brendan Rodgers, You came home to lead the green and white."

It's the Brendan Rodgers song lyrics to the refrain of the hymn: 'Here I am, Lord'. If any more evidence was needed that the Brendan Rodgers 2.0 era was in full flow, then there was conclusive proof at Tynecastle on Sunday.

The Celtic fans belted the tune out with gusto in homage to their manager as they celebrated another Scottish Premiership triumph. Celtic's 4-1 victory and the swashbuckling manner in which it was achieved marked a turning point for the boss man and the faithful. It is the first time the Brendan Rodgers song has been aired since the Northern Irishman made a return to the managerial helm in the summer. You can say what you like but everything seems to have come full circle for Rodgers. There is a genuine feeling that Rodgers is now finally home.

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It didn't take Rodgers long as even some of the doubters have taken to social media and declared that they have been won over. Let the good times roll. Rodgers is the Celtic manager. End of. It is up to the individual concerned to exercise their right to forgive and forget when it comes to Rodgers.

However, one has to say that if some Celtic supporters persist with their stance of backing the team but not the manager and withholding support for the Northern Irishman then it could well be self-defeating. Not only that, they will find themselves in a minority sooner rather than later. Mark my words. Although it is the domain of every football fan to be fickle. It's in their armoury. In this instance, however, it may well prove to be futile. Sunday was the first example that the small band of 570 people crammed into a tiny corner of Tynecastle had done exactly that. Forgive the manager, that is.

Can the past be pushed to one side? Personally speaking, there was nothing to forgive Rodgers for. He is an elite-level manager who left Celtic to pursue an opportunity in the self-proclaimed best league in the world. The circumstances and manner in which he quit for Leicester back in 2019 may have left a sour taste in the mouth with some but never with yours truly. Let's all just rejoice in the fact that an elite-level manager is back home... where he belongs.

Remember Rodgers is back at Celtic because it is where he wants to be. He could so easily be enjoying a sabbatical from football. At Rodgers' very core, he is a Celtic man through and through. He loves the club. He bleeds the club.

Of course, forgiveness is a lot easier to do when the football on display is of the enjoyable and winning variety. Celtic's football this season has been on an upward trajectory and it's been getting better ever since the manager masterminded a marvellous 1-0 triumph at Ibrox last month with no away fans in attendance. Rodgers can provide attractive, entertaining football as well as success on the pitch as well as stability off it. It's the thing Celtic supporters crave most.

The manager himself said this after the rip-roaring, free-scoring, never-boring display against Hearts: "Celtic is notoriously always a club that wants and has to win but win in a certain style. It's always key when you manage and play for Celtic. You see the style that the players played with today."

Rodgers has more than filled the void or chasm that the Celtic supporters thought would be left when Ange Postecoglou quit the club to join Tottenham Hotspur in the summer. Rodgers understands the true essence and meaning of playing 'The Celtic Way'. Like club legend Tommy Burns before him, Rodgers has put his own twist and tapped into these words: "When you put on the Celtic jersey you’re not playing for a football team, you’re playing for a community and a cause.”

In the aftermath of yesterday's stunning win over Hearts, Celtic's talismanic striker Kyogo Furuhashi who scored his 60th career goal in green and white and eighth against the capital club in as many matches took to Social media site Instagram and posted this simple message: "4 goals, 3 points, 1 team." How else can you explain the camaraderie and team bond that exists within every member of Celtic's playing staff then? That's the Rodgers effect for you. This is what elite-level managers do.

Yes, it's a results-driven industry where you have to be successful and win trophies. However, if you can create a harmonious environment where it becomes a joy to come to work every day, then you are already halfway there. If you don't believe me, then go onto Instagram and follow every Celtic player's account. Witness it for yourself. These relationships cannot be manufactured. It stems from the top... the very top.

It's the same Rodgers who threw his collective arm around Liel Abada last week when he said that "every true Celtic supporter" would rally round and get behind Abada, regardless of their thoughts on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The 50-year-old said: "I went for a meal with Liel last week. It was just to see what he was thinking and where he was at. He’s fine. Naturally, he’s sad, like us all, by what is happening. It’s a really divisive subject in terms of what is happening. But he knows he has the support of every true Celtic supporter. Every person here at the club is backing him. Liel knows everyone here is very supportive of him. Any Celtic fan I've known over the years has always supported the Celtic player."

It was a class act.

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Celtic Way:

If you didn't know, you certainly know now that Rodgers is not just a football manager. He is a custodian of the club. He is a true inspiration and a guiding managerial light to the current squad of Celtic players. That relationship is utterly reciprocal.

Celtic may well be a work in progress under Rodgers but they will continually improve and get better and better as the season goes on. They have spilt just two points domestically out of a possible 27 so far this campaign. They have secured away victories at Pittodrie, Ibrox, the Tony Macaroni Arena, Fir Park and Tynecastle already and we have only played a quarter of the matches. Domestically, Rodgers is turning Celtic into an immovable object and or an unstoppable force once again. Could Celtic do another Invincible season in the league? Watch this space.

Granted the Champions League group stage has yielded no points in Group E so far but they have earned plaudits from their first two outings against Feyenoord and Lazio. It's points not plaudits that Rodgers and the Celtic supporters are desperate for on the greatest club stage on earth. Next up is a battle with old European foes Atletico Madrid at Celtic Park on Wednesday night. To the victor, the spoils.

All of which tells you that Celtic are in good hands under Rodgers. Surely every true Celtic supporter should be getting behind him and shouting and singing his name from the rooftops. After all, Rodgers heard Celtic calling in the night.  He has indeed come back to lead the green and white.

What was it that Burns said about a community and a cause again? It's fair to say that Rodgers, the Celtic players, the backroom staff and the club's supporters function best when they're all singing from the same hymn sheet.