Everything Joe Hart said to the media in his press conference, ahead of Celtic's home game against St Johnstone in the Scottish Premiership...

What was the feeling after the weekend then?

Obviously, we’re disappointed. It wasn’t a great showing, and also to go out the cup - which we’ve been really successful in recently - is disappointing, but another great opportunity this week to get back at it and push on in the league.

Yes, but it’s all about a reaction?

I try not to react in this game. It’s a long old season with many, many games and we just try and stay as consistent as possible and that’s what we’ve tried this week to get back to what we do best. We’ve got home, a home game which is big for us, and we look forward to the St Johnstone game. 

How do you feel that the players are trying to implement what the manager wants?

I said it after the Aberdeen game, we’re all buying into it of course. A top manager, someone who cares deeply about the club and every idea he’s got is to make us better. I think that’s the beautiful thing about modern-day football, whereas maybe when I started playing football it was about just putting the best XI out and being better than the opposition, but now football has evolved and is constantly trying to get better and ideas of how you can assert your dominance on the game. The manager has got some amazing ideas and we’re buying into them and trying to execute them at the weekend.

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Joe, how has your role changed under the new manager - if it has changed at all?

It’s quite similar. Obviously, we’re a possession-based team that looks to not take the easy option when it comes to playing out. So yeah, different ideas, different examples. A few different partners to play with this season this season as well. In terms of the message, it’s been pretty consistent, and I’ve enjoyed adapting my game to it. 

How has it been in the back line because the majority of your two years here it’s been yourself with Carl Starfelt and Cameron Carter-Vickers in front of you, but this season there’s been a bit of change through players leaving or injuries. Does that disrupt you and the defence much, or are you okay with it?

Yeah, I think I would say a large percentage of Carl and Cam, but we’ve dealt with things over the two years, have people come in, the likes of Liam Scales going out on loan when he was a big part of the first season. Christopher Jullien, Nir Bitton, all sorts has happened over the past two years and that’s the beauty of this club. We’ve got strength in depth; we look to bring players in who are ready to play. We had Gustaf Lagerbielke coming in and making his debut and we’re going to have to rejig a few things, but such is life. It’s never perfect, and we’re looking to get a strong XI, with obviously five amazing subs that we can bring on at any given moment, so we feel good.

What have you made of Gustaf and Maik (Nawrocki) since they’ve come in?

Maik, I’ve had a bit more time with him, and he’s very solid and up for the battle, which obviously you need to be up here. He possesses quality as well, so, we’re disappointed that we’re not going to have him this weekend but Gustaf - very little time. Big, strong boy, with great energy about him with a huge smile on his face, but someone who gets over the white line and that smile’s gone and he’s all about business. I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops, and I’d love to be there to help him.

Do you feel that onus to take on responsibility when you maybe have new players in front of you, with a new partnership in front of you in these next few weeks as well?

I think it’s a responsibility. As I say, it’s about consistency. I wouldn’t say I behave particularly differently with a new player than I would with an older player. I think if you rest, and you take people for granted then that’s when you can slip. Whether it’s Carl or Cam - it won’t be either for differing reasons - but we still have the same energy, the same intensity, and the same message that we’re going to be giving to whoever plays centre-half or in the defensive realms of the Celtic football team. I think it’s important we’re all on the same page, all pushing and all learning from each other and trying to move forward.

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You mentioned that it’s not about reacting. Is that important that you stay on a level - obviously with a new manager coming in you have to ignore people outside looking too much into one defeat?

You’ve got to respect the noise when you’re at a club like this. You’d be disappointed if there wasn’t noise. We’d be disappointed, but that’s the levels. We’re on the same page, and when I say it’s not about the reaction, that’s because we’re working to our limit the whole time. It’s not about sitting back and thinking everything’s going to be okay. I say there’s not going to be a spike in the reaction because we’re constantly working to the highest level that we possibly can. We’re constantly taking every single training session to the highest level. The post-match analysis with the coaches when you’re taking time off your legs and you can’t be physically outside, you’re mentally trying to learn and trying to discuss. That’s why I say it’s not about a reaction because I’d like to think it would be impossible to go even harder than we already are.