Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers had to say in his interview with Sky Sports...

What are your thoughts on Sunday's game against Aberdeen? 

We've had some really good games against Aberdeen in the past, especially when Derek (McInnes) was the manager there they were a very, very good side from my last time up here. They were always tough games and very, very competitive.

Are you looking forward to going up against Barry Robson this time around?

I spoke to Barry a few times over the summer. He is a good guy and he has a Celtic connection. He has gone in there and done a really good job for them and they finished well at the end of last season and clearly, he will be looking to kick on this forthcoming season.

There is somebody you know well in the Aberdeen squad and that is Jonny Hayes. How much are you looking forward to going up against him? Even at his age, he is still a threat and a driving force for the opposition this weekend.

He has been brilliant. I have known Jonny since he was 15 years of age. He is a talented player and I worked with him at Reading as a young player. After my first season at Celtic, I signed him here and that is because I recognise the value that he has not just as a player but as a person. He has a fantastic left foot, it is really strong and he is professional in his game. He looks after his body and that is why he can still play to the level that he does play at. He is a really good guy and he was brilliant here in the squad for me. Even when I left he continued to play a valuable part for other managers. It will be great to see Jonny he is a good man and he's doing very well at this stage of his career.

Let's look at your team are there any doubts in terms of injuries?

No, although Oh has picked up a bit of a knock and he's probably going to be out for a few weeks. He did recognise that he had it and he played through it for a few days. He has a slight problem with his calf but apart from that they are all fine. Some of the boys who are just coming back are doing well in their rehabilitation but they are not quite ready yet. Other than that the squad will be the same.

What more are you looking for from your team?

I think we will get better from an attacking and defensive perspective. I was really pleased, especially when looking back at the game, at a lot of our offensive movements. Ross County made it really difficult for us, so we had to work our way through that. Some of the passing patterns that we had looked really good. There are, of course, things we need to work on. I think the defensive structure is something that will come better with time. I always study different elements of the game. I know each day that our pressing will get better and other possession game will also get better.

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How beneficial is not having to go through the qualifiers and having more time on the training ground with the players?

Not having the qualification phase is very important in so many ways. Obviously, it allows you to take the club around the world in pre-season. More importantly, it allows you to work with the players and pull some of the ideas with the players that we want to implement and that takes time. All that takes time as you do not have the Champions League games until mid-September, so there is a nice block for us to work and put some time into the players and get them in tune with how we want to play.

Could we just get you to give us a proper update on the Carl Starfelt situation, has he agreed terms with Celta Vigo and is that one that is close to happening?

He has travelled for a medical but there's nothing confirmed as of yet on that. We do expect it to go through and if it does then he's been a great servant for the club. I understand and the club understands his position but also it is no great secret that I think some players come into here – Carl has been here for two years – players will be here for two or three years and then they move on, and they don’t necessarily move on to leave Celtic – its normally to move on to a bigger league as such. So, for him to get the chance to play in La Liga at this stage of his career – the service he provided was great for Celtic and he's a good guy. We’ll wish him all the best if it goes through.

Over in Sweden at Elsfborg there's been some quotes about Celtic’s interest in Gustaf Lagerbielke. What can you tell us about that?

Nothing, really. There have obviously been various reports on various players. I think that clearly, when there's a sign that you might lose a player, then, of course, we have to look at other options to bring people in, so yeah, like what we do, we’ll announce it once the player is signed and sealed and let you know and speak more on them then.