"The Farmers League."

It is a derogatory term thrown about mostly by English football fans whenever they come north of the border and raid our talent, be it players or managers.

What it is about the English and their elitist and snobby attitudes towards Scottish football?

When Leicester City plundered Celtic for Brendan Rodgers in 2019, they scattered £9 million in compensation and we were supposed to be grateful for it.

The former Premier League winners' fans were keen to state that they were a "bigger" club than Celtic.

It was bollocks then; it is bollocks now and it will be bollocks forever. One English Premier League title and an FA Cup do not equate to the Hoops' achievements.

Leicester City competes in a bigger league - fact. Leicester City have more resources than Celtic - fact. Leicester City are a bigger club than Celtic - utter nonsense.

Let's not kid ourselves here that the Foxes and others of their ilk - they know who they are - are propped up by anything other the obscene riches of owners and Sky Sports' largesse. 

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If Celtic were ever allowed into the English Premier League, all those so-called 'big clubs' would run for cover.

Not only would they compete for the richest and one of the most highly prestigious prizes in world football, but they'd actually win it within a decade or sooner of being admitted to English football's top flight.

It was Claudio Ranieri that famously said: "Dilly-ding, dilly-dong, Leicester City are in the Champions League!"

Yours truly is now saying: "Dilly-ding, dilly-dong Leicester City are now in the Championship!"

If you know Celtic's history, they have had many moments in the sun.

"Dilly-ding, dilly-dong Celtic are in the Champions League." Not bad for a team that supposedly competes in a "Farmers League"

Those thoughts came rushing back to me recently as Ange Postecoglou has been linked with the current managerial vacancy at Tottenham Hotspur.

A quick look at social media tells you how much the Spurs fans have a conceit of themselves.

The biggest underachievers in English football. A club without a league title since 1960-61. One Champions League final appearance in their history.

There's a reason why Celtic have a gold star above their crest. I can't quite think of it just yet, but it will come to me soon enough.

Yet that whole "Farmers League" mentality has kicked in again with the link of Postecoglou.

Tottenham are a bigger club than Celtic - really? If Spurs ask the question, then Postecoglou is a certainty to jump ship - really?

Jump ship to a team that didn't even qualify for the Europa Conference League?

I've no idea what decision Postecoglou will reach on his future but spare me all the nonsense that Spurs is a bigger club than Celtic.

They aren't and never will be.

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Speaking of North London clubs, was it not Arsenal that shelled out £25 million to hand a team that plays in a "Farmers League" their record transfer fee (Kieran Tierney)?

In fact, some of the greatest ever achievers, and I mean achievers in English football, have been recruited from Scotland.

European Cup/Champions League winners/title winners/FA Cup winners - lock, stock, two smokin' barrels the lot.

The most successful manager in the Sky Sports era of the EPL? Sir Alex Ferguson. Remind me where he was poached from again?

There is a wonderful irony in all of this. The so-called "Farmers League" that nobody pays attention to outside of Scotland is the EPL's go-to. Funny that isn't it?

It is the first place that many of these clubs that are awash with cash turn to when there are bargains to be had.

Postecoglou may well end up at Spurs. He may not. There was something wonderfully poignant about his interview on Sky Sports in the aftermath of Celtic's 5-0 win over Aberdeen on trophy presentation.

"I just live for the beautiful moments in football," he continued. "I love the wins. I hate losing and the beauty of football still drives me."

Celtic head into the Scottish Cup final against Inverness Caledonian Thistle in search of an unprecedented eighth treble. A world record. Just think about that as a potential achievement.

That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a beautiful moment in football. Postecoglou could achieve that with Celtic, not with Leicester City and certainly not with Tottenham.

There are some things in life and football that money can't buy. It's largely why Celtic have never ever been invited down south. 

Celtic could bypass the likes of Leicester and Tottenham - as they masquerade as 'big clubs' - if the EPL ever decided to fling open their doors and accept them.

The very thought of it is enough to keep supporters like that awake at night and it is one of the many reasons that Premier League fans' criticism of Celtic now rings hollow