Everything that Celtic defender Greg Taylor said to the media after the Hoops clinched back-to-back Scottish Premiership titles by beating Hearts 2-0 at Tynecastle

Can you sum up your feelings?

It’s unbelievable. It’s hard to put into words what it means to the whole club. It’s a club that demands trophies, demands success and to deliver it playing a brand of football the way we do is amazing.

You personally have performed to great heights, which must give you an enormous source of pride and personal satisfaction?

Yes, of course. I think it’s just a small part in a collective. The real reason we’ve been so successful this season has been the collective. Everyone’s played their part, the 20, 25 boys have all contributed throughout the season. Its a real credit to the whole group.

Winning it in better style this season says it all about the current team?

Exactly. We’ve not rested at all on what we did last season. We knew there was more in us and there’s still more to come. We want to improve going into next season but most importantly, we want to finish this season strongly first. We’ve four league games and a cup final, so we’ve got more to look forward to.

The manager said you would come back better and stronger after the Motherwell trophy presentation day they were not just words as he really meant it and you guys came in from day one and meant it too, didn't you?

We’re all so driven, we’re all keen for success. We believe in every last word the gaffer says to us. We know it’s going to help us and stand us in good stead. It’s been a really successful season thus far but there’s still more to come.

The team’s probably played better in recent weeks, but is the attitude at heart of it all driving you?

There's just such a strong belief. We don’t waste a single training session or any game. There’s been points in the season it’s been difficult, of course it has, but winning leagues and trophies, it’s never easy. You can’t forget when you go out for every match that it’s not just you who wants to win, the other team’s so desperate for points and success. It speaks volumes how good the boys have been.

Is that a side to this team that is overlooked? People talk about the style, but you can dig in now can't you?

I wouldn’t say so now. I think it’s something we’ve had to learn and its come with experience. There have been difficult moments throughout last year and this year, but just having such a strong squad has been the real reason for success. Everyone’s played their part and I’m really proud of everyone.

With the Scottish Cup final to come, do you park the title celebration until then?

Yes, we’re back in training right away and we’ve got four big league games to go and we want to win every one but first of all, we’ll look to the first one. We have training on Monday and the boys who did not feature will go in and do a bit and then we'll prepare for the next game.

What has been your personal highlight of the campaign?

Probably winning the league. Tynecastle’s such a difficult venue. You saw Hearts, I thought they started really well and Tynecastle fans got right behind them. They cheer every throw-in – anything, to be honest. It was a difficult game but to stand tough and find a way of winning is just unbelievable.

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Is this season the highest level of performance you’ve reached in your career?

I hope so. I aim to improve as I go along. Hopefully thus far it’s been my best level – but hopefully, there’s more to come for me and also the team.

Do you think there needs to be because the manager won’t stop as he will keep going, won't he?

There’s always going to be people coming for your position. There’s been so many boys who have contributed. But it’s not about that, it’s about grafting when you’re selected and taking your opportunity.

Alexandro Bernabei came in for almost £4 million, people wondered about you but you’ve taken your game to another level don't you think?

I would Bern (Bernabei) and I have contributed throughout the season. There’s been different times when either of us have played but it’s a squad game, especially now when you play in the Champions League and you play 38 league games and numerous cup games. You need everyone and I think that’s shown this year.

The manager spoke about the self motivation of group. Is it unusual and unique to have a squad that’s self managing?

I think it is and it’s something you’ve got to appreciate because it doesn’t come easy. To have that amount of boys who are so keen to be successful so keen to improve their game, it’s fantastic. Right now, in the here and now for Celtic, every player in that changing room loves it and long may it continue.

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Do you have a word for Kyogo who has scored 30 goals - what about his contribution this season?

One word? Impossible. The guy’s frightening. It’s not just his goals, it’s his work for the team. I don’t know if he’ll get it, but he’d be a right contender and probably deserved Player of the Year in my opinion.

Is that the thing, you can’t just turn it on and off when you feel like it?

Exactly. To be fair, with the players we’ve got I don’t think that would ever be the case and if it even looked like it you’ve got brilliant coaching staff, brilliant staff throughout the building and led by a manager who is just so driven for us to be successful in a certain way.