Everything Joe Hart said to the media after Celtic's 2-0 win at Tyencastle against Hearts wrapped up a second successive Scottish Premiership title

I can see what that meant to you. Does it get better the older you get?

I don’t know. They are special moments aren’t they? You can’t take these things for granted. It’s an amazing club to play for and to be champions, personally, two years in a row is a great feeling.  I’ve never done that before. We had a gap last time we won it down there [England]. It’s hard to describe. You just have to be in it because I know from experience tomorrow is just another day and we’ll go again.

Celtic are relentless, aren't they? How does it feel to have won the Scottish Premiership back-to-back?

It’s not through lack of effort. Every team that I’ve been in has had good intentions, but I think we have improved, which is a really strong thing to build on having been champions. We have improved from there and everyone has got the attitude that they want to improve, so it is good to be around.

You posted a photo instagram heading on plane to Glasgow, did you envisage it would turn out like this and has it surpassed your expectations?

No I didn’t. But I didn’t envisage it would be better or worse. I didn’t think anything. I just thought what a great opportunity, get me on that plane, get me part of this club and let’s see what I can do. Like I say, I didn’t have anything for it to surpass. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me saying it isn’t special. It’s really special to be a part of and I love being part of it and I’m well aware of the fact that winning makes it even better.

Are you glad that you got on the plane? 

100 per cent.

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You have played for a lot of high calibre managers but how much of an impression has Ange Postecoglou made on you?

A huge impression. He (Ange Postecoglou) is top. He’s really, really good. He’s very clear on what he wants and I think the biggest buzz for me is that I am playing for someone who is pushing me and I’m learning new things every single day. I’m an old dog in this game and the fact I am having to do that and stay on my toes and still want more and trying to improve is a great feeling and it really makes me feel alive.

The fact that even when winning titles, he still demands more of you. Is that a good thing?

Of course. There’s no point trying to compare him or us to anyone else. This is the team we have got and the manager we have. But it’s great to be a part of and great to be constantly pushed and get results from it. It’s all very well, there’s plenty of managers out there who will push and it doesn’t necessarily work or players don’t adapt, but credit to the players and the staff we have been able to pull in the same direction and get results.

When you achieve success like this, you just want more, is that how it works?

Yeah, but I know nothing is promised in football. It’s really not. Next year is not promised. The cup final is not promised. We are going to have to work damn hard this week because we have a big game for the club next [Rangers]. But I think it is important to enjoy it with the fans and the team and build on it to try and get as many opportunities to do that again.

Speaking of being relentless, Greg Taylor was making the point that you guys are back at training tomorrow. You can enjoy it but you are straight back to the grind on Monday. Is that the way you like it?

Yeah, especially me as an older player. When you are younger, I have been successful and you feel like the world is yours and it’s never going to end. I know we’ll wake up and we are going to have new goals and new opportunities. We enjoy. There is no point in working hard for something if you are not going to enjoy when you do eventually get it but then we go again.

How much does this group relish that demand not just to win but to win in a certain way?

I love being part of that. I have played in different teams that have been successful and identity in football has kind of always been there. In terms of having a real way of playing, this is the first time that I’ve been a part of a team with a real way of playing. We live and die by it and I love that opportunity. There has been many managers and coaches out there I’m sure who have said: This is the way I want you to play and, if it doesn’t work, it’s on me. I’ve heard that many times. I genuinely feel comfortable making risky passes, short passes and if someone does miss a pass, or gets tackled and the ball goes in, I don’t think any of us would even flinch because that’s what we are being asked to do, we believe in what we’re being asked to do and we are enjoying trying to get better at it.

This is a team that loves challenges and on Saturday, you have an opportunity to go six derbies unbeaten in a season. That would be a huge motivation for the players as well, wouldn't it?

There is no extra motivation. It’s a huge game for the club. We pull together as a group. There are not going to be any fans inside the stadium pulling for us, but we know there is around the world. Jeez, we went to Australia last November and we felt their presence. So we know there is going to be support, expectation and the least we can do is show up with an attitude to win and play our style of football.