There is an old 'Only An Excuse' tape cassette recording - if you don't know what this is ask your elders - of a parody sketch in the late 1980s lampooning then Celtic chairman Jack McGinn. It is the era of big-spending at Ibrox with Rangers about to embark on their dominance of Scottish football under then player-manager Graeme Souness.

Celtic are the supposed poor city neighbours and the skit is about how the men from Glasgow's East End intend to curb the challenge from Govan let alone compete with Rangers. Hoops chairman Jack McGinn aka Tony Roper utters the wonderful line: "There will be no panic buying ... just panic!"

It is classic football banter. A priceless one-liner. The phrase has occupied my mind a lot recently especially when I think of the state of frenzy that the Celtic supporters have gotten themselves into regarding the transfer of Portuguese winger Jota. It's the summer transfer saga that has tipped the Celtic faithful over the edge.

"Announce Jota!" is a daily tweet from thousands of Celtic supporters who are refusing to believe any deal has been concluded until the obligatory player holding scarf above the head inside the stadium image has flooded social media.

It's bordering on obsession now. In a word, the Celtic fans are panicking. Why is that? Is there really any need to panic over Jota?

The £6.5 million deal has long been in place since Celtic drafted the original loan proposal including the option to buy the winger from parent club Benfica where he was deemed surplus to requirements.

Now, this summer's transfer window started with a bang with Celtic announcing that USA international defender Cameron Carter-Vickers had penned a four-year deal worth £6 million rising to £10 million in add-ons from Tottenham Hostpur.

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The Celtic fans' response was: "That's great....announce Jota! Why isn't Jota in the door?"

Relax. There is still plenty of time to conclude this wonderful piece of business. The man himself is too busy whooping it up on holiday and seems to be enjoying a never-ending whistle-stop world tour of the likes of Ibiza, New York and Mexico City which are just some of the summer destinations he has taken in so far.

He even sported a Celtic jersey during a five-a-side game on his visit to the Big Apple. Does this strike you as the actions of a player who is not going to sign on the dotted line? How silly would both the club and the player look if he didn't sign after cutting about on holiday in the famous Hooped shirt? Not once has Jota given anybody any cause for alarm by declaring that he has rejected Celtic. If that genuinely was the case and everything hung in the balance then surely his agent would be off talking to various clubs right now securing his immediate future.

Another thing that has struck me is that of all the players that have been linked with Celtic over the summer and the rumour mill has run riot is that none of them are wingers. Left-backs, defensive central midfielders seem to be de wide men. Read into that what you will.

If there was a whiff of the Jota deal going awry or there was anything less than full commitment to the cause then Ange Postecoglou would simply walk away. Two words - Riley McGree.

It would appear that Celtic are awaiting Jota's return so that he can finally dot the 'i's and cross the 't's on the piece of paperwork that the fans so desperately crave. Jota isn't talking to other clubs. Nor should he.

Celtic are exactly what Jota needs right now. The club can advance his career to the levels that he possibly feels his talents deserve. Not many other clubs in Europe can offer him what Celtic can right now - instant access to the Champions League.

It was Jota's 13 goals and 13 assists that helped secure automatic qualification into the big time for Ange Postecoglou's men. If the Aussie can guide Celtic to a period of domestic dominance then it won't be the only time that Jota will ply his trade on the biggest European stage of them all.

If Jota is wise he can take a leaf out of Virgil Van Dijk's book and follow the hop, skip and jump method of progressing his career. Van Dijk hopped to Celtic, skipped to Southampton and jumped to Liverpool. The Dutchman's abundance of natural talent elevated him to the dizzy heights he currently enjoys with the Reds but Van Dijk has never forgotten that it was Celtic who put him on the path to football stardom.

Jota is definitely a player who can traverse that well-worn route. Nobody at Celtic will stand in his way if and when that time eventually comes.

"Announce Jota!"...

Celtic will announce Jota in the fullness of time and there will be a much-trumpeted media circus and fanfare when the deal finally goes through.

You gotta have faith. George Michael song pun intended.

To the naysayers, doubters and the wishful thinkers out there who think the Jota to Celtic deal is on the verge of collapse. To paraphrase 'Only an Excuse' - "There will be no panic buying...or panic."

It's changed days at Celtic now as if you didn't know.