“You call things early here don’t you”

Ange Postecoglou’s words after the press suggested the title race might be over after last weekend’s draw against Dundee Utd. He seemed a bit incredulous at the accusation that the league may be over before October with thirty-odd games left to be played.

The problem for Ange is we do call things early. And we do it for good reason because domestically this is a two-horse race and last season showed us that Rangers can deal with this league without much bother. So any kind of gap so early, in a spell of poor form is a bad sign. So yeah, the league might be over already … but does it matter?

What about the Europa League? Does that matter anymore? That’s been a real rollercoaster of expectation.

First, it was something we MUST achieve, then it was “too early for us” & now that we’re in it we’re expecting to outperform some of the best teams in the competition?

The Europa League is a sideshow, a distraction from the job in hand, a wee jolly and some fun times under the lights at Parkhead. An irrelevance.

Last season we were losing 4-1 to Sparta Prague going nowhere, this season we’re losing 4-0 to Leverkusen … but we’re going somewhere.

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The rebuild was never going to be a continuous upward trend of improvement week on week. We’re not dog meat last season and fillet steak this season all because Ange Postecoglou has been in the dugout for two months.

Ange has been saying it since he walked in the door, we’re trying to build something here and I believe him. We can’t lose our nerve in October over a project we all knew would take a season.

It’s called a ‘rebuild’ for a reason - because Ange walked into a club in total disrepair. It’s going to be horrible, it’s going to be painful. If we’re going to accept that we’re a club “in transition” then that means we need to accept that we’re not going to win every week.

We’re going to see the players make mistakes, we’re going to see our team drop points we shouldn’t be dropping, we will even see the manager make mistakes but it’s all part of the process.

Ange is taking this team upwards. I believe in him and I trust the process.