A nostalgic Celtic fan has rediscovered a classic league-winners' shirt that was donned by the players on the pitch at the end of the club's Centenary season of 1987/88.

Posted to the Celtic subreddit by user tennerahAndy, the t-shirt is a wonderful throwback to the past – to a memorable season that unfolded 36 years ago.

(Image: Reddit)
As seen above, the shirt – with "Premier League Champions 1987-88" scrolled across its front, alongside the iconic Centenary badge – is visibly weathered having been kept in storage for an undesignated time.

Having also been signed by the players of the day, the signatures appear sun-bleached and are difficult to make out. But that hasn't stopped intrepid fans, and indeed us here at The Celtic Way, from trying to decipher who's who nevertheless.

As one Reddit user points out, it looks like Joe Miller, Derek Whyte, Packie Bonner, Billy Stark, Roy Aitken and Anton Rogan are all legible, while another reckons Andy Walker's signature is a particular stand-out.

"Is that Billy McNeill at the bottom, too?" user OkraEmergency361 asks in the post's replies.

Let us know which ones you can spot, and where you think they feature on the shirt itself in the comments.

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Last year, some 35 years on from Celtic's Centenary success, The Celtic Way's Tony Haggerty spoke to former Celt Joe Miller about the club's triumph that season.

Miller said: "The day I scored that diving header from 35 yards out against Dundee United in the last minute at Tannadice – well it was actually from 35 inches out – we had a feeling then that we were going to go on and win the league.

"The players felt that the Dundee United game was a real turning point in our season. We all felt great after winning that match and we knew we were going to kick on from there and win the title.

"There was an air of inevitability after that match and that Celtic were going to win the league in their centenary season."

The rest is history. And the t-shirt above proves it.