Celtic have revealed that the Green Brigade will be permitted entry to watch the women's team take on Hearts next month.

The ultras group accused the club of being 'vindictive' after they were denied access to the Jock Stein stand to recreate the 'Celtic End' for the crucial upcoming SWPL encounter.

The Green Brigade had hoped to fill out the lower tier of the stand behind the goal, much like they did last May, to cheer Elena Sadiku's side on as they compete for the title with Rangers and Glasgow City.

However, they now plan on boycotting the match against Hearts, on Sunday, April 21, after being denied entry to this area of the stadium, taking aim at CEO Michael Nicholson and CFO Chris McKay in particular.

Now, Celtic have confirmed that the group has always been permitted entry to the game, but this will be in the rail seating section - where the Green Brigade is usually housed.

A club spokesperson said: "The group were made aware that the Jock Stein would not be made available due to certain safety concerns relating to this specific area, but arrangements have been made by the club to allow the group to attend within the rail seating section.

"This has been communicated to the group and the club hopes that as many supporters and supporter groups as possible come along to support Celtic FC Women at the upcoming Celtic Park matches, as well as all other matches.”

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The lengthy Green Brigade statement read: "Despite our best intentions and efforts, the club has refused to facilitate The Celtic End for the upcoming Celtic FC Women matches at Celtic Park. This is in stark contrast to similar matches last May where fan reps worked constructively with the club to promote the matches and draw record crowds.

"This decision has been taken by Michael Nicholson, CEO, and Chris McKay, CFO. It is vindictive against the concept of The Celtic End, the fan groups behind the idea and the thousands of fans who want to see some level of consideration given to a goal-end standing section to rejuvenate a stale Celtic Park.

"Shamefully, Nicholson and McKay would prefer for Celtic FC Women to be detrimented (sic) than have another positive advert for The Celtic End. Ironically, this decision contradicts the club statement following the cancellation of away tickets at the recent SWPL Glasgow Derby which decried others undermining the promotion and progress of the women's game.

"At a critical time in both the men's and women's seasons, we have no desire to engage in a public spat which may distract positive support for both teams. For this reason, as well as for unreasonable obstacles, it is regrettable that we will not attend the upcoming Celtic FC Women matches at Celtic Park."