Brendan Rodgers took aim at Don Robertson and John Beaton after Celtic's loss at Hearts today.

The Irishman felt aggrieved over his side being reduced to 10 men early in the game at Tynecastle, as well as a penalty being awarded against his team.

The game, which ended 2-0 to the hosts, was action-packed from start to finish, with penalties, a red card, and other controversial moments dominating the proceedings.

Yang was sent off for a high boot on Alex Cochrane. As the game headed for half time, Tomoki Iwata was then punished for handball after a VAR review led to the spot kick, which Jorge Grant scored.

And Rodgers was in no mood to sugarcoat his feelings post-match, as he insisted the officials were at fault for his side's defeat.

"I need to give credit to my players because they fought from the very first whistle," the 50-year-old told Sky Sports. "They made a real competitive game of it. 

"I never like to comment on officials, it's nothing something I do, I've been stood here long enough with you lot over many years. But that cost us today, the officiating, to John Beaton on VAR, that was really, really poor.

"I look at the first incident, if you out as still on that, then of course, it looks dangerous, but that's not the reality of the move. There's no force there. The ball has popped up. If it's a booking then it's a booking. 

"So that was really disappointing to go down to 10 men with that but to then receive the penalty against us, wow that was even worse. 

"If you watch the incident game, Tomo's jumped, he's on his way down, he's not looking and is being nudged a little bit, which then pushes his arm out. So, if that's a penalty, then you will have penalties every single game. 

"We had one last week away at Motherwell where the young guy Casey puts his arm up and it hits him. That there, is absolutely shocking decision-making and I feel really disappointed, one for our players and two for our supporters because we're down a man, we get a poor penalty against us and all of a sudden you're chasing the game."

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Luke Shanley of Sky raised the point that Lawrence Shankland - who scored Hearts' second - even admitted the red card seemed a harsh decision.

Rodgers replied: "They're not looking at the reality of the action and the move. If you freeze frame, which I can see, then of course it looks dangerous, but that wasn't the reality. 

"I thought the officials were very, very poor and like I say, it's disappointing.

"You probably have to ask John Beaton in VAR what he's seeing. Because if he's seeing that as dangerous play and handball then he's probably seeing something different to everyone else. Unless you're connected with Hearts, of course.

"It's incidents like that, that's why referees and officials get challenged."