Chris Sutton has brutally branded Michael Beale as potentially the "worst ever" manager of Sunderland and Rangers - all in one season.

The former Celtic striker was quick to comment as Beale was reportedly sacked by Sunderland after just 50 days in charge.

The ex-Ibrox boss had been sacked by Rangers in October last year but was quick to return to the dugout at Sunderland in December.

However, while official confirmation is yet to be released, Beale has been relieved of his duties again and will leave Sunderland after two months.

Sutton was involved in a war of words with Beale while the manager was in the Ibrox hotseat and didn't waste any time commenting on his recent struggles.

On X, formerly Twitter, the pundit commented: "Sorry to see Mick Beale go… he may go down as Sunderland’s and Rangers worst ever manager and all in the same season…"

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Beale and Sutton had exchanged jibes in Scotland as they clashed in the media. 

The former Ibrox manager had suggested Sutton was the "worst ever" player to play for Chelsea. He said: “Growing up, I was a Chelsea fan. So there is one pundit around here who is the worst ever player to play for Chelsea. That is why I won’t mention his name - because I try to forget him.”