Top Line Summary

  • Thinks Celtic should have been out of sight in the first half
  • Admits a draw was a fair result
  • Acknowledges fans' frustrations at results and performances

Everything Celtic's Joe Hart said to the media, following the club's 1-1 draw with Aberdeen...

What was your assessment of the game and result?

We try to win every game and we were dominant in the first half but didn’t take our chances. In the second half, Aberdeen scored a good goal. They had the momentum in the stadium but we dug in and when Nicolas (Kühn) came on he showed his quality. I think it was a fair result in the end.

What did you make of your save at the end of the game?

It is what it is, isn’t it? They had chances and I’ve got a job to do just as Kelle (Roos) does down at the other end. That’s football.

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Were you aware of the discontent, especially at the end of the game with the banner?

It’s not a distraction for the players, not at all. We see it, there is no getting away from it - it was a decent-sized banner! But that’s for the support and that’s what they need to work out. As players, we stay focused and the management team and staff have a job to do. And we’re fully focused on that. Ideally, we win that game 4-0 and everybody is smiling and everybody is happy. But it doesn’t work like that. Aberdeen had a lot to prove today and a lot to work on after losing their manager recently. It was always going to be a tough game. In the first half, we were very good and could have been out of sight, but weren’t. The second half was then a good game. But the support is there for us. They (the supporters) have come a long way - however far it is from Glasgow - and whoever else people travel from as they do in Europe and around the world. We feel that and appreciate it and put our heart and soul out onto the pitch. Sometimes it’s not good enough but we’re not perfect. We’re aspiring for that and we want to give this superb club victories. We train hard every day and we’re given every chance so there is certainly nothing we can complain about as players. We have the opportunity to perform at the top level. It’s up to us to try and do that for 90 minutes on a Saturday and a Wednesday.