Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said, after his team's 1-1 draw with Aberdeen at Pittodrie...

How do you sum up today's game and performance?

We were okay in the first half and created opportunities but we just needed to be more clinical. You could sense Aberdeen’s results haven’t gone so well, their confidence was maybe low - so we had to exploit that but didn’t do it. In the second half, we weren’t aggressive enough. When you’re playing against that type of team, you have to be good on first, second and third balls, then settle the game. And you have to stop counterattacks. For the goal we lost, we were loose with our pass and they broke through with too much ease. We didn’t defend what their striker does best, he wants to come in on his left foot. So that was disappointing. We gave the ball away in the final third and they got through too easily. Then we didn’t read the situation and before we knew it Miovski had a one-on-one in the box. From our perspective, he got in with too much ease. The players picked themselves up when we made the changes which made a difference. Nic Kuhn got his goal and at that point, I felt we could go on and win. But it became too much of a basketball game. That’s not how we play, we need more authority. We weren’t able to create enough good chances to win it.

What did you make of the supporters' display at the end with the banner?

I can only concentrate on the players and what we do on the field. You always find that winning games and playing well can ease those situations and that’s what we aim to do. Supporters pay their money and have every right to say what they want to say. But for us, we can only control what we do on the pitch. If we do that we’ll be OK. The key thing is not allowing it to become a distraction for us. That’s really important. Whatever goes on outside, you have to be able to deal with it. At a club like Celtic, at the biggest clubs, there will always be that pressure there. I don’t need to add any more on to the players. They understand that playing for Celtic brings that. My job is to give them the confidence to find the results we need. There’s still a long way to go.

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Given the way the game went, would you say a point was potentially a good result?

I’d never say a point here is a good result. I always come here to win, as I’ve always done as Celtic manager. I always expect to do that. I can never say I’ll take the point, I expect to win. You always expect the home team to have some moments. They have a striker who’s a good player. And we didn’t deal with them well enough or with aggression in the second half.

Do you reckon you've handed the initiative to Rangers after today's draw?

No, not at all. Listen, there’s still a long way to go and many points to fight for. We just have to focus on ourselves and find greater consistency. Before the break, we had good performances with speed in our game. We need that in every game. Last week we weren’t so good but won. Today we weren’t so good and ended up with a draw. It’s just about finding a consistent level again because we’re dropping too many points.”