Pundit Danny Murphy has claimed Celtic vs Rangers is now "unwatchable" due to the lack of away fans.

The former Liverpool player has been left unimpressed with the current state of the fixture.

In the two derby fixtures involving the clubs this season, both Ibrox and Celtic Park have been filled entirely by home supporters, with the section of the stadiums which usually houses away fans made available to their own.

The issue has been rumbling on for years, since 2018 to be precise, however, there were no away supporters for the final two league matches of last season either.

Murphy's frustrations come amid reports that the two clubs have been in talks to try and resolve the issue.

And the 46-year-old did not hold back. Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: "I'll give you a quick example. The last game they had, I put in for...15, 20 minutes?

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"I can probably be honest enough to say the reason I turned it over was because of the lack of fan involvement from each other.

"It just felt unwatchable, it was weird. I think that's it (the needle missing)."

The reason there were no away fans for the final two games of the 2022/23 season was due to injuries caused to Celtic fans by a glass bottle.

Rangers looked to resolve the issue at the start of this term by offering 750 tickets to Celtic for the first encounter on September 3 last year. This was rejected by the champions though due to safety concerns.

Celtic then refused Rangers' request for the same amount of tickets for the most recent game on December 30, citing safety issues once again.

he problem first arose in nearly six years ago when Rangers opted to significantly cut Celtic's traditional away allocation at Ibrox from almost 8,000 fans down to 800.

They cited an increased demand in season ticket numbers due to Steven Gerrard's arrival as their reasoning behind the move.

Celtic retaliated by making the same cut. Since then, the derby has gone ahead with less than 1,000 away fans at the games, or in the last year, none at all.