Liam Scales reckons sometimes Celtic have "expected things just to happen" so far this season.

The Scottish champions recently lost back-to-back league games for the first time in over 10 years, after defeats to Kilmarnock and Hearts.

And Scales admits the Parkhead side "need to brush up" on a few things. He said: "I think we feel like sometimes we maybe expect it just to happen, just playing at home or playing against teams playing in the league, you just expect it to happen for us without actually taking the game by the horns and being aggressive and going and winning the game.

"We sometimes just expect it to happen when we show up, which we can’t do, and that’s where we need to brush up on a few things.

"Obviously you’re down a little bit, but we know that we’re still in a good position. It’s in our hands to go and turn it around.

"As players, we know we’re the players that can go and turn it around, and that’s the mood. We had a couple of days where you’re disappointed, but the games come thick and fast and you bounce back quickly.

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"The mood is a bit better now than it was." After the defeat to Steven Naismith's men, Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers questioned the mentality of his players and revealed "he was not surprised" at the result.

And Scales feels the 50-year-old has a point. "I could see where he is coming from," he continued.

"It’s not nice to hear, but you can see where it’s coming from. Our performances aren’t probably where they should be, so he makes a good point.

"It does hurt as a player to hear that and I think we need to change, and not let that be the case again.

"It’s in our hands. We know if we win our games we can still go and be successful.

"It’s a minor blip in the course of the season. We need to turn the corner and get over it. That’s it really, it’s not a complete disaster."