Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said to the media after the win over Feyenoord...

What did you make of that game?

The players showed that they’ve learned throughout the process because we’ve seen games over the years where the equaliser comes and then the other team go on to get the winner. So you’ve got to tip the hat to the players because the mentality in the game was very, very good. Some people might say this was a nothing game but it meant everything to us in the process we are in - to get the victory and feel the confidence of being able to compete at this level. I think over the course of this competition we’ve shown moments of potential. Especially at home. We could have been sat on nine points just from our three home games. But they thoroughly deserved it tonight. They put everything into the game and it’s always nice to get the win late on. We’ve known it has been a challenge for us with key players being out. But I look over the course of the six games and I’ve seen enough in how we’ve played and how we’ve fought in games that - if we can strengthen the squad and add quality in key areas, we can take the confidence from this victory and look to qualify again next year. Let’s see if we can push on if we arrive in the competition again. But you have to have certain qualities to perform at this level. To close the gap is as simple as adding quality players…to take the next step.

How do you bridge that gap in Europe more consistently?

There are a number of things we have to do to bridge the gap. We have to play in a way that makes it really difficult for teams and surprise teams with the quality of our football. But there’s no doubt, you can’t get away from it, you need to have a deeper squad of quality to be able to compete at this level. And I said to the players before the game, whether you win, lose or draw, that this is a competition and a level which can dent your confidence, but when you finish it you’re going to be better players for it and will have gained invaluable experiences. But I also stated they were still going to be really good players. They are in a process and with some help they are going to improve. But delighted they got the win and obviously for the supporters.

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The campaign is over in Europe, but what can this do for the rest of the domestic campaign?

Well, I think obviously winning, and especially at this level, is good and always gives confidence. For me it’s about consistency, we’ll start to get players back hopefully over these coming weeks which strengthens our squad and sets us up really well for the second half of the season. It was a big moment tonight because it’s been so long – to when I was here the first time. And this time it’s always been talked about, a win in the Champions League at home. They’ve now cleared that sort of barrier – we can look forward now.

What did you make of Gustaf Lagerbielke and his goal tonight?
It was a great moment for him because he hasn’t been involved in recent squads, other guys have been in front of him. But his attitude in training in the main has been superb. He has always been ready, so to come in after the irony of being sent off over there and getting the winning goal was great. It was a really nice moment for him.
Was it good to get the Champions League monkey off your back? 

I said to the players that it wasn’t a burden they had to carry. Especially when we have new players in. 
The thing is that it shows you the challenges of the Champions League. We are very determined over the course of my time here to improve on that record. I have been really pleased with lots of aspects of the performance level we have had, especially at home where we have shown against good sides that we can play well at a high level and compete. To get the win tonight draws a line under that home record. It’s the first win since Anderlecht and we hopefully qualify next season and go in fresh. The players can gain confidence from knowing that they can win at this level.
That was the last group stage matchday in the Champions League. Are you a fan of the new format?
I think it is beneficial. You have eight games and you might not always play each team home and away. The important thing is to be in it first and foremost. For a club like ourselves, even though it is a huge step up in terms of resources, the gap is one we have to try and bridge somehow. It’s still better to be in it and have nights like this evening and that hopefully allows the club to progress.’ 

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What did you make of Liam Scales' performance tonight? 
I thought he was excellent. Stephen Welsh hasn’t played for a long time and did great for us to last that long and did really well. Scales has shown from pre-season that a player unsure of what his future was can consistently play and in the main, he has played very very well.’ 

And Mitchel Frame making his debut tonight?

He’s done very well for the second team and he’s still got a long long way to go. But his positivity set up the corner for the goal at the end. He took the defender on and won the corner from which we got the winning goal from.