Everything that Celtic's Greg Taylor said to the media ahead of Sunday's game against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park...

Greg, how are you feeling heading into the weekend, in terms of yourself and the team?

Good. I’m over a wee bit of the cold so it was nice to get off and get a bit of a rest the other night. I’m all good to go for Sunday.

Where and how do you feel the team is? It’s so jam-packed and the results were so disappointing in the Champions League. Good and positive performances mainly in the league as well. Where do you see it at the moment?

I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. We’ve had a relatively strong start in the league this year. The Champions League was disappointing, there’s no getting away from that. We wanted to compete better than we have and get better results than we have. There’s been moments in games that have been good but a club this size needs more than moments. We more than most know that we need to be better when that opportunity comes next. Apart from that, we just take every game as they come over this period because there’s quite a lot.

Up next are Kilmarnock, your former side. What do you expect there, and do you feel like you have an advantage there because you’ve played there so many times? We know all about the pitch, a lot of players aren’t too keen on it.

I don’t know about an advantage, I’m maybe slightly more used to it in terms of playing on it quite a bit more often than others. Kilmarnock are a good side, they’ve had a good start to the season and put us out of the cup down there earlier on in the season. We know that it will be a difficult game and we’re under no illusions that we need to perform on Sunday.

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You have played them since then, but especially going back to the place you lost in the League Cup. Is it a sense that you owe them one?

I think it’s not so much about owing one. It was so disappointing because we’ve had such a strong cup record over the last four/five years, including under the manager who was here before. When you’re at Celtic, the demands of every game are there and you need to win every game. A draw is a disaster so we know that Sunday will be no different. We need to go and perform and try and get the three points that we need.

Where do you feel the team is compared to that game at the end of August? Do you feel you’ve progressed a lot since then, have the team come on?

Definitely. I think since then we’ve improved a lot. We’ve learned the way we want to play, we’ve got players back. We had a lot of bodies missing and we still do, but we’ve got a strong squad here and I think as a team we’ve improved quite a bit since then. There’s still a lot of improvement to be done.

Back to the Hibs game quickly, does that performance set the tone, and a chance to set momentum?

I don’t know if it’s about building momentum as we’re 16 games in the league and as that’s gone on we’ve built momentum in the campaign. We want to continue that over this period, and it’s notorious for being busy with fixtures. We want to keep the same level of performance throughout it.

An away game on Sunday but then it’s three home games in a row. How key could that be in those three games?

Every game is difficult. Every game proposes different challenges. Sunday will be difficult, the pitch is a tricky surface against a difficult opponent, so that will bring challenges. However, when you’re back home there will be different challenges you face in those games. We’re ready for all that we face.

This will be your third game of nine in 30 days. How challenging is that for players to get through that busy schedule?

It’s challenging in terms of recovery and getting yourself prepped for the next game but it’s also really good. Footballers love playing and we’re fortunate we’re out there representing the club. It’s a massive honour and the boys are training hard every day in training to try and get an opportunity. I think it’s important that the ones that are playing never take it for granted.

What you do expect specifically from Kilmarnock?

I think they’ll be difficult to beat. They’ll be quite rigid in their block but they also carry a threat. They’ve got some really good attacking players that have had strong seasons. We know that we’ll try and go there and dominate the ball. We’re used to having most of the ball but we need to be aware of their threat when they get it.

What’s your reaction to the group Scotland has got in the Euros?

An unbelievable draw. To get to play in the first game of the Euros for Scotland will be an amazing atmosphere I’m sure. The Tartan Army will be there in their thousands. It’s a brilliant opportunity for the 23 that get to make it, and fingers crossed you do enough to be there.

Does that change things slightly, that you are the focal point? The eyes of the world are on you in the first game against Germany.

I don’t think it changes anything. I think the manager has a really clear way of playing that doesn’t really change for many opponents. We don’t want to be there to take part in terms of a spectacle for the first game, we want to get something from the game. That will be the aim.

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Do you have a group chat with the Scotland boys? What’s the reaction been like?

There wasn’t a big reaction, to be honest. Qualifying was the big excitement of it. When we meet up next it will get discussed and it becomes more real then.

You’ve been in so many squads over the past couple of years. It’s been trimmed down to 23 men this time. Does that add something extra or play on your mind? How much of a target is it for you as a player?

I think everyone who’s been involved in the squad for the last two/three years wants to be a part of it. We remember how good and how honourable it was to get selected for the last Euros was. There are three places less so it makes it a bit more difficult. All you can do is try and play regularly and play well for your club. The manager said that, and when the time comes it’s down to him. You’ve got to leave it all out there for your club, and that will hopefully take care of itself.