Everything Celtic midfielder Matt O'Riley said to the media, ahead of his team's game against Hibernian on Wednesday...

First of all, talk to us about that goal (against St Johnstone) it must have felt nice to score that one?

Yeah, I surprised myself a bit after I hit it. I just swung my right foot and just kind of saw the ball go in which was nice. My first thought was when it went in, and it sounds weird, but it was how stable I felt in my body. That is a result of how much Pilates I have been doing outside the club as well. So, it is nice to see these things coming together.

Is that goal one of the better ones you have scored in your career?

Probably, yes. It's the best I've scored with my right foot, so it was nice.

You were part of the build-up to a great team goal and you got the strike away is that a lot more satisfying too?

Yeah. definitely. I have watched it back and I did not realise how good the link-up play was at the time. You don't realise when you are playing what exactly happened but upon further reflection it was nice.

The manager was speaking after the game and he said that is the angriest he has ever been in football. What was that like in the changing room at half-time? Was it good that the reaction was there from the players in the second half?

Yeah, I think it was probably needed. It was a bit of a wake-up call. It was probably coming. We played too slow and there was not enough intensity in our pressing and our all-round play. I think it was justified by what he said. The reaction was good in the second half but hopefully, that doesn't need to happen again.

Is that a wake-up call as it is a very busy period and the team know they will have to be at it in every single game, don't they?

Yes, it is a busy month. Game after game you have to be at it for each and every match. When you play for a club like Celtic it is very important to let go of previous games and very quickly move on to the next one.

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Was there any reaction from the players when the manager says something like that in the dressing room?

No. It is best to keep quiet. You have to be respectful and I don't think it helps to answer back, and at that time he is the one who is seeing the game from a larger perspective so he knows what's right. He has also been around in football for a long time, so I'm sure he knows what to say and when to say it. I think we took the message on board in the second half.

No matter your personality in the dressing room hearing something like that jolts you, doesn't it?

Yes, of course. It is hard to say because you are not prepared for what the manager is going to say at half-time. I think it was probably needed based on how we were performing in the first half. There were no complaints from any of us.

You said it was the best goal with your right foot, not the best yet?

No. It is a long career. Maybe I scored a nice one when I was 14 or 15 but in professional football, it is the best one with my right foot.

Did I pick you up right when you said that Pilates helped your position?

I just felt very stable over the ball, and I have done in recent days in training when I have practised with my right foot and feeling more stable and more effective. If I can add that to my game it is going to be helpful.

How long have you been doing it?

It started when I was younger at Fulham. I had a few back problems when I was younger but then recently I have tried to get back into it in the last year or so. I find it really beneficial.

Do you do it outwith Celtic?

I do it outside the club as well. I do my own stuff here at the club and I try and keep on top of everything outside and in here as well.

Apart from scoring goals how else is Pilates beneficial?

It helps with all sorts of things. It can help with injury prevention, my general stability on the pitch, if you want to protect the ball from someone, it makes you feel more stable, balanced and robust.

Is this another thing that the modern-day footballer has to consider?

I think so, for sure. I have tried to do it from a young age as I think it is important if you want to have a long career and I am someone who wants to try and play for a long time.

When you said you got into it at 14 or 15, was it primarily football you were thinking of or was it other things?

It was predominantly football-related and in terms of what I do to my body. Post football when I get to your age you can help me be stable.

The last time we spoke to you was before the draw for the Euros. The draw has been made what do you make of it?

It's a nice group and I have not focused on it too much right now to be honest as it is such a long way away but when the time comes I will get excited.

Are you disappointed that you’ve not landed Scotland?

No, because there would be a lot of hatred from Scotland, and I don’t need that! I get that enough already!

Do you think all of the Scottish boys will be cheering you on against England?

Yeah definitely. I think the whole of Scotland probably will be. I know the opinion Scottish people have of the English, so luckily I’m on the good side of it right now.

The performance in the first half yesterday, what do you think that was down to?

It’s hard to say. First of all, I think first and foremost it was probably a lack of intensity without the ball, just the real enthusiasm to press and counterpress. I think if you go to most teams in Scotland you can really impose yourself on the game by being aggressive very early on. I don’t think we really did that throughout the first half, and I think it was quite obvious the difference in the second half because we did do that.

I saw you on Instagram yesterday joking with Alistair Johnston about his crosses. Is that something you’re working on?

Yeah, he’s giving me enough good deliveries so I feel a bit bad that I haven’t put one in. I’ve scored a few this season but we were just joking about it after the game. He said he hasn’t got an assist this season but he’ll get one soon, I’ve promised him that.

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The games are coming thick and fast in December. Do you enjoy this challenge of being up for it every three or four days?

Yeah, it’s more games so it’s more fun to be had. It’s definitely a tough period because the time of year is different as well. It’s colder, naturally, and the pitches aren’t as good as well and that’s where the mentality side really comes into it about being relentless every single game, and our approach has to be 100 per cent efficient in every game. If we approach games in the right manner I think we’ll be more than okay.

Doing Pilates since you were 14 or 15, does that discipline you have away from the training ground help at this time of year as well?

Definitely. Small percentages that build up over a period of time. I enjoy all the stuff I do in terms of the recovery side. I live and breathe football, to be honest so for me it’s not a chore, it’s something I enjoy doing and that I’ll continue to do. 

At 14 or 15 did you think it was going to help you long term?

Yeah, I was pretty obsessive, probably more obsessive back then or too obsessive at that age. To the point where I was just super strict with myself and I’ve come away from that a little bit just so I could have a bit more peace of mind as well. I feel like I’m in a good place at the moment.

How much does that balance help then, off the pitch, because if you’re too dedicated then you’re maybe overthinking stuff. Having that downtime when you’re not overthinking football, do you think that’s important?

Definitely. I’m learning things as I go as well. I’m going to have to keep trying things and failing things. Some things will work and some things won’t and it’s an ongoing process to find out what works for me and balancing football, life and wellbeing. At the moment it’s probably the best I’ve been with that side of things so it’s good.

That goldfish bowl of Glasgow where everyone’s got an opinion of everything. It must be quite nice having those moments…

Yeah, I stay off my phone in terms of social media. I only use it to post when I need to. Otherwise, I’m not on it so that side of it doesn’t affect me, which is good because I think it’s very easy to let it affect you.

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Hibs are one of the teams that you haven’t taken maximum points against. Does it set a reminder that this is one of the teams that you haven’t taken those points from?

Yeah, it was the same with St Johnstone. Another chance to react and respond. It’s nice that it’s a home game as well so I think it’s a game that we’ll go into trying to win, like we do on every game. I think we’re more than capable of doing that.

Will there be more space for guys like you in your position because of the way Nick Montgomery plays do you think?

Yeah, maybe. That’s a fair point, as in Scotland a lot of the time they tend to close the middle of the pitch quite a lot, making it hard for our eights to get on the ball much. The same with Callum (McGregor) in the middle. When teams play more expansive it does give you more of a chance to get the ball with a bit more space. If that does happen then I’ll look forward to it, but at the same time, I think it’s about being ready for whatever the team sets up as. 

A bit different to yesterday?

Probably, yeah. Also, a home pitch, a bigger pitch and naturally a bit more space. It should benefit us.