Everything Brendan Rodgers had to say in his post-match interview with BBC Sportsound after Celtic's 3-1 victory over St Johnstone...

Thoughts on the game?

I am still a little bit angry if I am honest. I have never been so angry at half time as a manager. Too many players in the first half were just looking for the easy game. They were too comfortable and there was no intensity whatsoever. I think we were deservedly behind and in the second half it was a different team with the intensity, energy and quality. We scored three goals and could have had more which is what you expect when you play for Celtic.

What did you say to the team at half time?

It was nothing to do with tactics it was just about mentality and we had gone a game and half where we had not scored against St Johnstone.ย That is not the demand at this club as there is a different level of expectation and as I said one or two were too comfortable and got bullied on the goal and the corner. We were soft on our corners when we were attacking. It was just a mentality thing and we needed to address that.

Mikey Johnson made a real difference today, didn't he?

Yeah, I thought he was outstanding when he came into the game. I just think with Mikey that if he can just understand the team side of the game and the pressing element then he can be a fantastic player for us. You see him in one-on-one duels, he is bright and so fast and he was excellent. He gave us a bit of impetus in the second half.

The second goal was a thing of beauty, wasn't it?

Yeah, Callum [McGregor] got us on his way and he produced a real captain's performance in the second half. He was outstanding and it was a great strike from him. Like you say, it was a great goal from Matty [O'Riley]. All three goals were quality and we go into some really good areas where we could have scored more if we had a little more precision but all three goals were very good.

Joe Hart deserves credit for his save, doesn't he?

Yes, because in the second half, Joe did not have a lot to do but like you say he has to get across the goal and they are at the back post. It is always important.

Job done and move on?

Yeah, it is always important after the international break and after the game during the week. I am really pleased for the supporters as they have come up here early, some travelling for a long distance, it was really disappointing but they will have enjoyed the second half and recognised the identity of the team more.