Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said to the media after his side's 3-1 win over St Johnstone in Perth this afternoon...

What were your thoughts on both the first and second half of the game?

I’m still angry if I’m honest. The first half was nowhere near what you expect from a Celtic player and team. Just the level of intensity and ambition in the game, the speed, we were absolutely nowhere near it. We got bullied for the goal and we were soft in everything, with and without the ball. Half-time was the angriest I’ve ever been as a manager. People who have been around me will know I’m normally very calm. It was nothing tactical; this was about desire and what it takes to play for this club. Thankfully in the second half, the players were brilliant. Callum McGregor was outstanding, and I got more of the energy and ambition that I wanted.

Is it safe to say you got the reaction in the second half?

It was what I expected in the first half. We’d gone a game and a half and not scored, with the greatest of respect, against St Johnstone. Craig (Levein) had organised his team well and they got their goal from the set-piece that we were soft at. I expect much more from us. Second half, it was a real testament to the players, because they could have folded and been nervy, but they got to the level I demand from them. They were fantastic goals and we could have had more. It’s a reminder that if you go soft if you go timid against any team, they can hurt you.

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Why do think that was the case (drop in standards)? 

It’s comfort. It’s the biggest pitfall in succeeding, that you become timid and lose your aggression. It’s easily done, but it’s my job to guard against it. It was just nowhere near the level.

You don't like getting angry, do you?

I said to the players afterwards, don’t make me be like that again. Don’t ever make me feel I have to get to that level. My teams will normally be front-foot, demanding and constant, but that’s not acceptable. No matter what success they have had over the last couple of years, there is a demand at this club to continually succeed. Yes, we’re missing players and dynamic players but in the second half, you see the levels they can get to.

Are you looking for a new goalkeeper in the near future?

It’s not one for now. I want to improve the squad over my time here, and particularly over these next couple of windows.

Some great goals this afternoon?

It was retro Callum McGregor from my first time here. He used to score great goals like that, left-foot, right-foot. He’s not up there so much because he’s orchestrating the game from behind, but he was the real catalyst. I was watching him in the second half and that was a Celtic captain’s performance, dragging your team through the game with intensity and quality. Matty's (O'Riley) was an outstanding goal. There won’t be too many better that he will hit. It was a great move, we got up the field and it got us into a good position in the game.

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I'm guessing the point got through to the players?

This was always going to be a big month. This was an important game to kick off the run of games throughout this month. I was really pleased with the reaction. You’ll need to speak to the players about whether the message got through, but certainly, in the second half, it was more what I expect from a Celtic team.

What were your thoughts on Mikey Johnston's display?

He was outstanding, really bright. He’s one of the best players I’ve seen at the club in one-on-one situations. How bright he is, how clever he is. If he can just take on board the team concept and when we don’t have the ball, he’s one you can put in. You saw how his speed and dynamism really lifted the game for us. He was really positive and worked hard. James got his goal, and Tomoki Iwata set up the third one, so all the subs made an impact.