Everything that Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers said to Sky Sports as he previewed Sunday's Premiership game against St Johnstone...

What were your thoughts regarding Tuesday night?

I was obviously disappointed with the result and not being in Europe after Christmas. We can't wallow on it. It is something that we have to just put behind us and we come in and get ready for the weekend.

There has been a bit of focus on Celtic's European record of late. Do you think that is fair? Do you think that is considering all the factors?

It is over a period of time, isn't it? Over the last decade or so it has probably been a real challenge at the Champions League level. It's been pointed out. I think this season we've clearly never had what we would consider to be our strongest squad available. I think when we have had eleven players on the field we have competed. It's about getting beyond competitive, you want to be in qualification and that is something we can hopefully improve in my time here.

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Back to domestic matters and St Johnstone on Sunday and Craig Levein is back in Scottish football. How much are you looking forward to going up against him?

Yeah, very much so. My first time up here he was at Hearts and he has had a really good career in football. Analysing them for our game he has made the team stronger and hard to beat. They have had a difficult start and Steven (MacLean) moved on and Craig has come in and you can see where he has added his experience. He is getting the team organised and working and being really competitive.

Last time out it was a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park, do you expect them to be even more stubborn in Perth?

No, I think they will be as equally difficult to play against. We could have won the game comfortably at home as we missed a lot of chances and didn't take our opportunities. You have to give credit to St Johnstone as they defended well. For us it is about the speed and quality in our game and taking that risk in the game which is important for how we play.

Last week it was a 1-1 draw with Motherwell. You are still unbeaten and eight points clear at the top. How do you assess the season so far?

We could still improve there is no doubt about that. Last weekend we should have won the game and should have won the game. We conceded late on and for us, a draw will always feel like a defeat when you are at Celtic. We have to live with that demand and that expectation. Once we play to our level and have the speed and aggression we know we can win many more games.

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Is it a gradual thing getting Celtic to the team's peak?

There is no doubt. It is certainly not there yet. Partly because of when you look at the dynamic players that are missing from the team. Football can look different when you don't have those dynamic players in the squad. We still have enough quality in the squad but there is still a long way to go before I would say we were at our peak.

What are your thoughts on IFAB talking about introducing sin bins and extending the use of VAR?

I seen something like that during the week. I think we need greater clarity on where the game is at at this moment in time rather than adding another layer of complication to it. I think most coaches and managers would agree that until we can get the current situation flowing and compatible, I would say it is not the right time to add more layers to the complication.