Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said to Celtic TV after his side's 2-0 loss to Lazio in Rome this evening...

Brendan, a match that looked like it was full of potential for victory so cruelly snatched away at the end. What was your assessment of that?

Well, very disappointing. I thought we managed the game well, in the first half we were a bit slow with our pass. I thought we were too safe but still had one or two opportunities. We didn’t keep the ball well enough and high enough up the pitch. In the second half, we were much better as the game progressed, and then as the game went on we looked like the stronger team and in the last 20 minutes we got into some really good positions. It looked like it could have been a good away performance. We gave away two disappointing goals. The first one we were in a great position of the pitch and then we don’t have a cover back in. The guy gets a lucky deflection and it comes into Immobile’s path and he does what he’s done all of his career. The second one we’ve got to be stronger, and then all of a sudden the game’s away from us.

Performance-wise we were the team that was in the ascendancy in that second period and looked like the team that was going to get three points, which I’d imagine is more frustrating.

Yes, it’s that physicality in the game towards the end where you’ve got to be strong and do the dirty work. We looked like a team that was getting into the aggressive areas. So yeah, disappointed with that.

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There’ll be plenty of assessment with this game and the group as a whole. Lots of positives and very good performances but not picking up the points as of yet. What would you say from your point of view is that missing piece to start to pick up those points?

I think in terms of ourselves, especially in my experience over the five games is that we’ve never really had the squad that we would want to go into each game, from the very first game we’ve had players missing. We certainly haven’t been at our strongest in the competition. A club like ourselves operating at this level needs to have its strongest squad available for that. That’s always the starting point. Secondly, this level is about quality, and you can’t fault the players and their effort and commitment as they have everything. It comes down to that wee bit of quality and availability of players.

Going into the final match against Feyenoord, as much as it won’t change anything in the standings, how important is it that we try and end on a positive note with a victory?

That would be great, and that’s the idea. We’ve got one more game and we would want to finish on a high. We’ve performed well in patches of games but it’s also about getting results and at home in the final game, let’s see if we can get the result.