Everything that Callum McGregor said to Celtic TV after the 2-0 Champions League loss to Lazio...

There is a real sense of disappointment in that game as Celtic were the team in the ascendency and it was cruelly taken away from them? What is your reaction to that?

Yeah, we are gutted. It's the same old story. We play well and we don't take our chances and we got hit with the sucker punch and then the second one kills the game. Listen, it's tough to take as everybody can see we are well in the game and we were controlling the tempo of the game. At some point, to be honest, we have to go and win that. We opened up a little bit and we got done by good quality and we have been saying this the whole way through the competition as you are playing against top players. They bring on a top player and he scores two really good strikers goals. At some point, we have to try and win the game and it is good to have control and an edge in the game but at some point, we have to open up and we felt that just before the goal. In the last ten minutes were gaining in confidence and growing and we were getting chances. We were unlucky one of them just didn't fall for us and that has been the story of our campaign a little bit.

We have had some good performances but have not picked up the points. What do you say is that little bit extra we need to start picking up points?

It's fine, fine margins and we need to either get in front and probably need a little bit of physicality at this level as well. We do really well for 60-65 minutes but when the game opens up or the game gets a little bit difficult we need to get to grips with it and regain control of it. That just comes with experience and that's been the difference when opposition teams have had their moments in games against us they have scored. We have started really well in some of the games but we have gone down to nine men and ten men in the first two away games which makes it almost impossible at this level. So there is another learning curve. I think in the main when we are on top we have to take our chances and impose ourselves on the game a little bit more because that's what teams at this level do to you when they get their chance they score and you seen it happen again against Lazio.

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You go into the final game against Feyenoord and it won't make any difference to the standings. How important from the group's point of view is that we try and end on a high and finish with a victory.

It is massively important and for nothing else other than I feel that we deserve it. I feel that we have played well enough to have certainly more than one point. It might be one of them that if we do get the result then it will probably have been deserved over the piece of the games. We want to finish strong, we are at home and we want to get the crowd behind us and give us a little bit of hope for next season's competition. There is definitely a lot to play for and when you pull on the Celtic jersey you are always playing for everything. We'll certainly be going into that last game trying to win and to make everyone proud.