Neil Lennon claims Rangers should not have been awarded a late penalty against Aberdeen.

Referee Nick Walsh awarded the Ibrox side a spot-kick in injury time after VAR advised him to take a look at a tussle between Connor Goldson and Stefan Gartenmann in the box.

On second viewing the whistler judged the Dons defender to have fouled the Englishman and the penalty was given which was dispatched by James Tavernier to level the game up at 1-1.

Pittodrie boss Barry Robson was left irate at the decision and Lennon agreed with him, calling Goldson's fall "theatrical". 

He told PLZ Soccer, he said: "It's not a penalty for me. I didn't think there was enough in it. There is a shirt pull, he has got a hold of the shirt, but it's not like he is really dragging it.

"The other thing is I think Goldson really goes down theatrically. When I look at it again, the blocking - we had this conversation with Hearts a couple of weeks ago - if you want to look at it by the letter of the law there is a consistency there but I have seen other shirt pulls go unpunished.

"I can understand Barry's frustration, and I can understand the other side where everyone else thinks it is a penalty.

"For me there is not enough in the tug. I think he has got a hold of his shirt for a split second - but that is also because he is panicking because he has been blocked.

"That is an obstruction in the box."