Everything Callum McGregor said after today's game to Celtic TV.

How would you sum up today's events?

Disappointing to lose the goal just after we score. I think we put a lot into the game and missed a penalty, which obviously doesn't help. Missing a penalty doesn't help, you're looking to be comfortable at that point in the game. The amount of chances we had and we created good little situations, we were just missing that final quality. The small moments we have to be better, have to score the penalty and to concede so soon after we score to a set play... we have to defend the box better than that. We have to learn from it, small moments and quality in the end just not there to give us comfort in the game.

It's unlike Celtic to lose a goal after scoring late on?

Yeah, we've been really good, especially in the last couple of years in that when we go in front we see games out. You have to expect a bit of pressure at some point. They smash it long and get a corner. We have to deal with the corner. It's those bits of the game we have to be better. It's unlike us but it's concentration.

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What's your message?

There's still a lot of football to be played. This is only 14 games. There's still a hell of a lot of football left. We are still in a good position so we need to dust ourselves off. Of course, we are disappointed we want to win every home game here. But if you can't win it you have to learn from it and show that bouncebackability. There's always tough moments in the season - it's about who shows up to get us back on track and there's a lot of games this month. We have to be together and keep fighting and we will get those two points back.