Former Crystal Palace star Mile Jedinak has opened up on how a trip to visit Ange Postecoglou while he was Celtic boss paved the way for him to become a coach at Spurs.

The ex-Australian international is a part of the backroom team at Tottenham and revealed that spending time watching Postecoglou work at the Hoops encouraged him to go into coaching set-up in North London.

Speaking to Optus Sport, he said: "We'd text each other, especially when he was in Japan, those key milestones when you win things you say congratulations.

"It wasn't until the back end of the first season at Celtic when I had the chance to go up. Again it was great.

"You can sit down properly and speak about what it's been like from playing and on the journey to coaching and doing it that way.

"He's been so helpful with that and now we're in this environment now and again it's how I expected it to be.

"It's very challenging, testing and where we can gain advantages in every aspect. When I went to Celtic, probably just getting a gauge of the staff and the atmosphere.

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"It was seeing that dynamic, getting a feel for the place and in terms of how they had responded to him

"It was no surprise, but it was done in a very similar way to the national team perspective.

"I got a reflection of what it's like day to day. It's not straightforward, but I saw enough in a couple of days to see he'd got it to where he wants it to be, and they were all in on it.

"Having the connection with Ange, going up to Celtic and seeing him and picking his brain on a few things.

"He provided me with great advice and support. He always knew what my intentions were, when the opportunity came around, we had a conversation, he asked me to work here and it was a no brainer in terms of learning and development.

"I wanted to do it in a first-team environment, I was ready for that step and I was eager to jump at it.”