Slobodan Rubezic didn't even deserve a yellow card for his incident with Celtic star Kyogo let alone a red. 

That's the viewpoint of former St Johnstone defender and boyhood Hoops fan Shaun Rooney.

The powerful Aberdeen centre-back won the ball in his aerial duel with the Japanese forward, however, completely wiped him out in the process by coming through the back of him.

Kyogo required urgent attention after the nasty head knock, with the Montenegrin needing the same from Aberdeen's medical staff.

Some pundits and fans have been left bemused that Rubezic remained on the field after the second-half challenge. It was argued that he endangered the safety of his opponent, as so should've been sent off during the 6-0 victory for Brendan Rodgers' men.

However, Rooney dismissed that notion, instead insisting the defender was well within his rights to go and win the ball.

He took to social media: "Never a booking never mind a red! Aberdeen player wins the ball first be buzzing if this was my defender!"

BBC pundits Mark Wilson and Michael Stewart were largely in agreement regarding the unpleasant incident. 

"It's such a difficult one to judge because I can see both sides to the argument," said the former. "In real time it looks a really bad one, particularly the way Kyogo falls it looks like he's out cold at that point.

"But if I'm a central defender I want mine to go and win it which I think he actually does and collides with Kyogo. It's sometimes an unavoidable situation, I think it's one of those unfortunate situations where two players collide.

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"I get the pace is there, it's high speed, but football is a contact sport. I can hear the people screaming at their TV at the moment saying it's outrageous, but if that's my centre-half, he has every right to go and challenge for it."

Stewart added: "There's no blame apportioned to Kyogo, he's waiting, looking forward and he gets clattered. I'm with Mark to a certain extent that you're gonna have unfortunate incidents on a football park, the one thing I'd say about Rubezic, we've seen so far this season that he's clumsy and he's rash, I don't think he's got great vision in terms of peripheral vision. He's got his eyes on the ball but I'm not sure he's got a great deal of awareness in terms of clattering Kyogo.

"If a red card is given I don't think there could be too many complaints, but a yellow was given and I'm with Mark that I can see the argument for both."