Everything that Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers said to the media after the 6-0 Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid...

What was your assessment of that match?

I am very disappointed. It was always going to be a challenge for us eleven versus eleven as they are quality. To get the man sent off so early in the game after we had made a good start and we felt confident. We were ready to fight in the game. I am disappointed with the sending-off. When you see the images that the referee sees then it wasn't representative of the challenge. Both players clashed and kicked through each other's feet. For us then to lose a man for that made it very difficult for us.

Did you think the home reaction influenced the referee in the way it unfolded with him going to the screen?

Yes. There is no doubt about that. I don't want to go on about officials as I've never been one to complain as you have to accept decisions. It feels like a computer game as everybody is constantly looking at the screens. Like I said when the referee comes over to see the incident it is not a reflection of the actual challenge. It is a still with his foot up and straight away plants the seed for the referee. From there, his influence is to send the player off.

It is always a difficult venue to come to but do you feel that it's the last two home games that have cost you in the European campaign and not taking maximum points from those games?

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Yes. We started with the loss in Feyenoord and we weren't up to full speed with the team. I think it was a challenge for us and we still performed reasonably well in that game. Clearly Lazio and Atletico were games that we could have had more points from but we are four games in and we have not taken the points we feel that we deserved. When we went down to ten men their quality and experience showed in the game.

You have spoken about this being a learning curve and building a new side here. How do you go about bridging the gap when there is such a gulf between the teams you are playing against and what you can put out on the park?

There is a huge gulf. I think you see that. These players give everything. They are pushed right to the limit when it is 11 v 11 and when it's 11 v 10 they are giving everything in the game but just their sheer quality overrides our effort and that's what this level is about. It is a level where at the top end of the field every team will have top-class forwards and I think we have seen that demonstrated tonight. I feel for the players because we were undeserving of the red card but when it comes it is a big challenge.