Everything David Turnbull said to the media following Celtic’s 3-0 win over Ross County at the Global Energy Stadium on Saturday afternoon…

David (Turnbull), another goal. Are you impressed with your own performance?

Yeah, pleased with the goal and my performance. I felt like I did well, I tried to get on the ball and create chances as they were tough to break down, but we got there in the end comfortably.

The manager said that you don’t need time to settle in or have a big run of games and that you’ve got to come in and hit the ground running right away. Are you pleased with the way you’ve done that in the last couple of games?

Once you get in the team you need to take your chance. There's a lot of competition for places but once you're in there you need to nail down your spot and I'm just trying to do that in every game I'm in.

You must feel as if you’ve got a lot to contribute to this club, still?

Yeah definitely. Every game that I play, I want to give my all and try to create and score chances for the team, and that’s what I'm going to continue to try and do.

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The manager spoke yesterday about how your own future is down to you, and it's up to you to get the football that you want to get. How do you feel about the situation at the moment?

To be honest, I just leave it to the club and the others that are involved with it. I just try and do my talking on the pitch and try to focus on my own game. I'm not too focused on that at the moment.

Is that the key? Do you need to block that out, or it’ll swamp over you?

Yeah, you can overthink things in life, in football as well especially, so it's just about focusing on each game at a time. We've got a lot of games coming thick and fast, so we're just focusing on all of them.

There was quite a lot made about your goal celebration the other night, with the fingers in your ears. Do you sometimes get a bit frustrated that there are certain players – and you might be one of them – that the punters seem to lose patience with quickly?

Yeah, it's one of those ones. I scored a goal; I was delighted but sometimes boys get a little bit of criticism here and there. You try and block it out as much as you can, so that’s what I was trying to do.

Tell us about Tuesday night, and how big that is?

It's a huge game. A great game to go into, away to Atletico Madrid. We’re looking forward to it and we really need to get the result. It's a huge game, so hopefully we can do that.

You must be desperate to be involved, after a good fist of it last year?

100 per cent. I want to be in there and I've tried to do myself no harm. It's the manager's decision obviously on Tuesday, so it's down to him but if I'm called upon I'll give it my best shot.

Do you think the team can take great heart from the way they played in the first match?

Yeah, in that game – especially in the first half – we played really well. They came into it a wee bit more in the second half but they're a top side, so we've done well to nullify what they’ve got and showed what we can do as well.

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As a group, how much more confident are you going into a challenge like that with a couple of years of Champions League level under your belt?

It's good to see the progression from the start of last year in the Champions League. We can compete with these sides; we've shown it on plenty of occasions. We’ll be going into it with confidence and try to play our own game.

There are different sides to the game in these matches as well, a dramatic edge?

Yeah, there's another side. We know that if you make mistakes then you get punished nine times out of ten off of these top sides. It's all about our attacking play and defensively being organised and not conceding too many goals.