Everything James Forrest said to the media after Celtic’s 3-0 win over Ross County at the Global Energy Stadium…

Your fourth header in your career, is it your best one? Easiest one?

I think it’s only my fourth header but maybe one of the easier ones. I’ve had a few chances lately and not managed to take them, so I didn’t think it was easy when it was coming across.

We’re talking about those milestones. What does it mean to you to reach another one for this club after so many years? 15 consecutive years, how does that feel?

It’s amazing to reach another milestone. I think you appreciate these things when you get older and I want to keep contributing to the team. When you get milestones like that it makes it worth it. I want to just keep it going.

Does it give you the hunger to extend that record? Can you get 15, then 16 seasons?

I’d like to keep it going. It’s hard to look too far in advance, especially when you look at the number of good players we have in the squad when it's so big, and always signing good players every season. I really enjoy it and getting milestones like this makes it all worthwhile.

How has it been for you this season? The club have brought through a few wingers, a few other attackers. You're still in the team scoring goals.

It’s been this way since I came through. Every year we are signing wingers and attackers, so it’s no different now. Obviously, I’m getting older, but the manager came in and I had a good preseason I want to contribute when I get the chance. It's good that the other lads have taken their chance when the manager has rotated a bit.

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Luis Palma put the ball on a plate for you. You still have to score it, but he did. What have you made of him since he's come in? Is he someone you can almost mentor? Can you give him plenty of advice?

I’m one of the older boys. All the wingers are all different. Even the older lads can also learn off the younger ones in how they play. He is a confident lad, and you have to be to play for Celtic. He’s trying to learn English, and it's good that he’s getting assists and goals and helping the team. Fair play to him.

The manager said that you were still the quickest player at the club. Is that something you pride yourself on?

I think it was during the international break when half the team weren’t there! I still feel good, and I want to keep working hard to help the team.

How do you go from today where you had 39 shots on goal, 80 per cent possession, to Tuesday night where it might be slightly different?

It’s difficult but the boys can take confidence from the home game. We went toe to toe with them. It will be a tough game, but we can take confidence from some good performances this season.

Is that the challenge for Celtic, changing the way you play in Europe completely? You don’t get to do the same things at that level?

When you’re playing opposition in the SPFL, it can help you when you play different teams like Atletico with the way they play. I think that’s good for experience for the players and manager as well.

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I saw someone online saying your goal was like a Henrik Larsson diving header out there.

I’ll need to see it back. I’ve had a few chances and I was buzzing to score and relived get off the mark this season.