Everything Celtic midfielder Paulo Bernardo said to the media ahead of his team's game against St Mirren on Wednesday night...

You made your first start at the weekend against Hibs, how has it been for you?

Sorry for my English but I will try. It was really good and that was my first start for me here at Celtic which is a big club. The game was not so good, and we have a game on Wednesday and hopefully, we will get better.

How have you found it coming into and playing in the team as you played most of the Atletico Madrid game as well?

I am feeling really good and confident. I like the way the coach thinks about the team and how to play the game and I feel comfortable with his tactics.

Do you feel that you are ready to make your mark on this Celtic team?

Yes, I have to feel it because we are professional players, and it is our job to make an impact.

How have you found it in general coming here to Scotland and Glasgow?

It's a little bit different than Portugal but I like it here and Celtic really support me, so I feel really comfortable here.

What does the rest of the season hold for you and what are your aims?

I would like to play more, and I hope we get our chances in Europe and win the championship (Premiership) and the cup.

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Could you talk us through the main differences you have noticed here compared to Portugal so far?

In football or in the city? In football here, the game is more intense. The game never stops. In Portugal, we lost a little bit of time in the game because all the players go down to the floor so the referee stops the game. It's a little bit boring compared to being here. That's the thing I have noticed most that it is different.

There is a bit of an adjustment period clearly but how do you feel you have bedded in with your new club? Are you starting to bond with your teammates at Celtic and getting an understanding of how others are trying to play?

Yes. The players receive me very well. I am very comfortable here because my teammates and the staff of Celtic support me very well. I am feeling very good, and I want to get better in the games.

There are a lot of games coming up. With Reo (Hatate) being injured, do you feel ready to play a lot of games now? Do you feel you will improve with those games?

I think so because we can work harder in training and it's training that gave me the opportunity to play in the games, and the same for the other players too. The game-time I think is the most important time for a player because when we play one game, I think we improve a lot more than one or two training sessions. I think so.

Was it quite hard to play most of the game on Wednesday and then go again on Saturday? Is that something you’ve just got to get through when you’ve not had much action?

It's a little bit harder because my body is not prepared. I have to be prepared, but it's a little bit hard to start this sequence of games. Yes, I should respond in the best way I can.

In general, when you decided to make this move, I take it you spoke to Jota about his experiences, did you see what he did here and where you can go and make an impact as well?

Yes, I think so. I am working harder to make my impact. Jota has made his impact and I want to now make my impact.

Do you still speak to him? Are you in contact with him? I don’t know how close you are with him.

Yes, we are friends. I speak to him a lot of times, but now I have to make my own history here and hopefully, it's good, like him.

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What did he say to you about Glasgow, about the city, the fans and the football when you were thinking about joining the club?

They told me that the city was good, and I think that too. He told me about Celtic, that it was a really good and big club like we’re used to in Benfica, a really big club too. He told me that it's not too different, I think the thing that is different is the weather! I'm really enjoying Glasgow like Jota said I would.

Even the weather?

Yeah, it's okay.

It's going to get worse, though.

Yeah, I think so.