Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said to BBC Sportsound, following his side's 0-0 draw with Hibernian at Easter Road...

Brendan, not the result you were looking for. What was your take on the 90 minutes?

Yeah, by the time I thought we started to play at the speed and tempo that we like, it was probably too late. Our idea is to always to make a quick start. Actually, we were good with the ball, but we gave it away needlessly a few times by playing longer passes when we didn’t have to. We didn’t play with enough speed in the game. In the last 20-25 minutes, we did that, and you can see the game looked different for us, but by that stage, we just couldn’t make the breakthrough.

Physically the players are obviously fit. Mentally, do you think they were fatigued possibly from Wednesday night?

They could be, there's always that, but there's no excuse. We’re at a club where we’re going to play lots of games and we're going to have big games during the week and then you have another big game at the weekend. This was another big game for us. We’ve played 10 games now, so you can judge the sort of start we’ve had. Eight wins and two draws, and we've been to every ground in the country, which is really difficult, and did well in the main. Today, the speed wasn’t in our game, but the effort and commitment were there. We've got to recover and get ready for Wednesday.

If you could’ve thrown a kitchen sink on there in the second half, I think you would’ve done so, because you used all of your subs. Mikey Johnston coming on, the first time he’s featured in 19 months or so. What did you make of his input into the game, and can you see him getting better in the coming weeks?

We shall see. I judge the players on what I see in training throughout the week, their application, commitment and attitude. If we see more, then I’ll always give a player an opportunity.

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In terms of the next game on Wednesday night. St Mirren, who are absolutely flying at the moment, had another big win again today. They seem to be playing with a lot of belief at the moment.

Yeah, Stephen (Robinson) has done great. In my time here when he was up at Motherwell he has done very well, and he's doing the same with St Mirren. We just need to recover. I think for us, it's just about focusing on ourselves. St Mirren are a good side and have done well, but we’re at home, so we want to impose our game in the next fixture, so we’ll prepare for that from now.

Do you see yourself freshening it up a little bit?

We’ll see. Were just straight after the game, so we’ll see how the players are and how they recover and take it from there.

Finally, Alistair Johnston. I know he took the ball straight in the face from a very short distance from Rocky Bushiri. How is he?

I just spoke to the medical team there. They said he was fine, it was just at that moment he felt a wee bit funny, but I think overall he’s fine.