Luis Palma's former boss in Greece and ex-assistant manager to Diego Simeone reckons Atletico Madrid will try and buy the Celtic star if he scores against them in the Champions League again.

And he has predicted there is no ceiling for the talented Honduran ace.

Palma netted for the Hoops in the third round of games in the Champions League against Atletico in a pulsating 2-2 draw, having had one goal earlier ruled out through VAR against Lazio.

He became only the third-ever Honduran to score a goal in the competition's 68-year-old history and has made an impressive start to his career at Parkhead since his £4.5 million move from Aris earlier in the summer.

And former Atletico Madrid and Argentina keeper German Burgos - who was a No.2 under Simeone before managing Palma at Aris - believes the winger has everything it takes to get to the top.

He said: "Luis Palma is already better than he was at Aris. He has evolved and understands now the importance of being professional because it is not enough just to be good on the pitch.

"I tell you something, if Luis Palma scores against Atletico again in the next game, they will go looking for him. He's already scored once, if he does it again I am sure they will try and get him.

"There is no ceiling with Luis If he continues to improve, he will reach the highest level.

"This tournament is the best there is in football on earth. If he continues with that humility, the sacrifices he has made which characterises him and playing as well for his team, he will rise higher.

"Good players stand out in all leagues and in the current league, it is very important. What happens in Scotland is that they get spotted and move on, but the Scottish league is very important too.

"When I joined Aris, Luis was already there, but not playing. I saw he had skill and speed We started him in a game against AEK Athens and he scored his first goal.

"The first thing he did was come to hug me!

"From there, he has just improved all the time."