Brendan Rodgers has refused to be drawn into the ongoing standoff between Celtic chiefs and the Green Brigade over pro-Palestine displays at Parkhead.

The fan group urged supporters to fly the flag of Palestine in a show of support amid the ongoing conflict with Israel.

The group wore ponchos in the colour of the Palestine flag and flags of various sizes were held aloft before kick-off by supporters the length of the pitch at Parkhead.

The display came despite club chiefs urging supporters against displaying messages of a political nature or of the flags of either country involved in the conflict.

After the match, Rodgers was quizzed on his stance on the pro-Palestine display after the club warned against it. He said: "Nothing. I am only thinking about the football."

Pressed on whether he was concerned of any repercussions from UEFA after the display, he added: "No, I am worried about the football."

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The display comes after Celtic banned members of the Green Brigade from attending away matches this season with "recent flashpoints" cited as the reason.

However, the fan group has insisted the Palestine displays has played a part in the banning order.

A statement from the Green Brigade on the ban and urging support for continued Palestine displays read: "In 2016, Celtic fans faced pressure and intimidation before flying the flag for Palestine. In the aftermath, Peter Lawwell advised us that we were "finished" - it was only the widespread positive reaction and subsequent fundraising which deterred the Celtic Board from banning us.

"The legacy of those events is Aida Celtic, a project which we are deeply proud of, entrenches our connection with Palestine and epitomises the ethos of Celtic Football Club.

"Today, we are in familiar territory and already being sanctioned by the Board. Currently, hundreds of fans are suspended from away matches due to an association with the Green Brigade; despite receiving no correspondence, no allegations, nor any detail regarding any investigatory process.

"The suspension was communicated to the Green Brigade on Friday (27/10) afternoon ahead of the Hearts match on Sunday afternoon (29/10) despite alleged concerns dating back four weeks.

"In addition to this, the Green Brigade face further restrictions at Celtic Park designed to impede on our support and use of our standard matchday materials. We are determined to overcome these and provide full backing for the team as always.

"Despite disingenuous claims, we have absolutely no doubt that these sanctions are motivated by a desire to quash political expression within the Celtic support, specifically in relation to Palestine at this time.

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"In spite of this, and any further obstruction, we once again encourage fans to courageously fly the flag for Palestine. For those unable to obtain a flag, the Green Brigade will distribute thousands of flags outside the stadium. While it would be easier to distribute flags inside, we are prohibited from bringing the flags into the stadium.

"We respect the right of all fans who wish not to participate in such an action, however equally we ask that the same respect and freedom is afforded to all fans who do."

A Celtic statement urging against any display before the match read: "We have witnessed death, violence and destruction in the Holy Land in recent weeks, with thousands of people - men, women and children - killed, injured and displaced.

"We are witnessing a tragedy of horrendous scale. As it continues, everyone at Celtic prays for all who have been affected.

"We also hope and pray for peace, and for humanitarian support to reach those who are in need and in fear.

"Many of our colleagues, supporters, friends and families have been affected by these events.

"Against this backdrop of conflict and pain, sport can promote peace and demonstrate humanity and empathy for all who continue to suffer.

"For the Club’s UEFA Champions League match against Atletico Madrid this evening, Celtic and Atletico Madrid players and coaching staff will wear black armbands, as a show of respect and support for all those affected by the conflict.

"The Club is also making a contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support people affected by the humanitarian crisis in the region.

"The Club recognises that our supporters hold personal views to which everyone is entitled. As a club open to all, we all belong at Celtic Park.

"Celtic Park is where we come to support our football club. Recognising this, respecting the gravity of the tragedy unfolding and its impact on communities in Scotland and across the world, and in line with other clubs, leagues and associations, we ask that banners, flags and symbols relating to the conflict and those countries involved in it are not displayed at Celtic Park at this time. 

"As we approach this crucial fixture, as ever, we sincerely thank our fans for their positive support of the players and the team.

"We thank you very much for your continued support of Celtic Football Club."