Everything that Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers said to the media after his side's 4-1 Scottish Premiership victory over Hearts...

What were your thoughts on the match?

We were very, very good. I think it was important that we started the game well and we tried to bring energy and speed to the game at the beginning that would make it difficult for Hearts. I've been here enough times to know that if you don't make a good start here, it can be a challenge. But the players played some wonderful football and worked ever so hard in the game. We're really pleased overall.

Is this the best performance of the season?

It's constant evolution, there's not a destination to where we want to go. It's just continual improvement and finding levels. I think the big thing is consistency. It's obviously a very difficult ground to come to but I love challenges like this, coming to really hostile environments, because it's an opportunity for you to show your value and worth as a team, dealing with circumstances. I think the players dealt with it ever so well. My only criticism is that we could have had more goals. Their keeper has made some great saves and just when we got to 4-1, I thought we could have managed the ball better, so you are not having to run so much. You want to have a rest, rest with the ball as opposed to defend. That was my only criticism. Overall, after an international break when a lot of these guys are a wee bit heavy-legged towards the end, a lot of travel, what they gave the game was absolutely brilliant.

Were you pleased with the quality of goals?

Luis Palma has that quality, watching him in his first few games he comes a wee bit shorter, he's not one that will always run in behind. He's a footballer and his pass for Matt O'Riley's goal was excellent. We talk about penetration a lot, so Matt's was a great run and he's received the pass very well and finished it superbly. Likewise, with the second goal, there were really good runs forward, testing the mentality of your marker. Cross and then the other winger scoring. We were unfortunate with the penalty, it was a good move from a kick-off, getting in from behind. We'll need to practice them [penalties] more. But we responded well because the stadium gets a bit of energy, a wee bit more emotion, but we managed it well, and got the third goal. We went on and were very good in the game.

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What about Matt Oโ€™Riley's performance?

He is developing and that is what you want to see. It is a huge testament to him as he just wants to improve. We want to keep his game moving through the levels. His attitude to learning is brilliant as he is so honest to the game. He trains well and prepares well. He does all the right things and gives himself every chance, It was a brilliant finish. That is not an easy technique coming across your body. He makes a good run in the first place and is hungry to get in there. Then it is a great finish.

How did you feel when the fans started singing your song?

Whether it is 500 or 5000 they gave us great support. Hopefully, they can enjoy that.

Can you give us your thoughts on Tomoki Iwata as he had to be patient, hasn't he?

It was a great finish and I am pleased for him. He works so hard. Some of these guys are very important for us. They maybe not start as many games as they would like but their contribution is really important. He came on and got his first goal for the club which is terrific. I also thought James Forrest was brilliant when he came into the game. We don't have a winger as bright as him in our squad yet and I told the young guys afterwards to learn from him. The players in the periphery are so important for us. โ€œ