Everything that Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers said to the media as he previewed this weekend's home Scottish Premiership match against Kilmarnock

It's a quick turnaround ahead of the weekend how do you expect the players to react and do you expect them to relish the opportunity to play Kilmarnock who are the only team to beat Celtic this season?

Yes, listen I think we are in a totally different place to where we were when we played Kilmarnock in the cup game with the greatest respect. For 24 hours you are disappointed, it was a great night for us and it looked like we were going to get something from the Lazio game. It didn't happen but this is football. When you are at a big club you play lots of games and you have to analyse and after 24 hours you have got to move on. That's the strength of this group. We have one or two little upsets in this early part of the season and the players have responded brilliantly. We will get going again and they will recover after a few days. We will be ready to go again on Saturday with a big attitude and energy in the game.

With the results domestically and the performance in Europe do you still see that upward curve? Are things still progressing the way you are hoping?

Yes. If we don't concede that goal in the last minute it is a really positive night for us and we should win the game or draw but we don't. I think that is a continuation of how the players are developing and working so I can't forget that and I won't forget it. The players that we have are working very hard and we'll be ready for the weekend to show our quality and our mentality again.

Does the League Cup game against Kilmarnock have any bearing on this game? Is there anything you can learn that or are the two very separate things given it is a different ground and a different playing surface and the squad having moved on?

I just think we are a different team with a different mentality from that moment. Lots of new players were bedding in at that time but Kilmarnock deserved to win it. We have learned from that and have moved on. Now we have to show that ruthless and relentless mentality to get the three points at the weekend.