Everything Celtic left-back Greg Taylor said to the media, ahead of his team's trip to Livingston this weekend.

How do you reflect on the other night, Greg?

It was a difficult opponent, but we competed well for the first half. Maybe a sloppy goal from a set piece just before half-time, but that can happen and you’re in the game. In the second half the red cards are big moments in the game that probably change it.

What encouragement can you take from that game going into the rest of the campaign?

I think it shows that we can compete at that level, for sure. We knew that going into the game. A lot of us have gained experience from last year, but there are also new boys who have come into the team who will learn from that as well. It’s probably their first time competing at that level, and we’ll get stronger as the competition goes along.

How much of a gear change is it coming back from the Champions League back into the Premiership?

Yeah, it is a big change, of course. The one thing this club demands is winning, and that’s the exciting part is that every game you’ve got to give the same focus and same performance and the fans expect that and demand that.

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Is it physically challenging? Mentally challenging?

I think it’s physically demanding in both ways. The Champions League is the elite, so you’re pushing your body to the very limit, but then you’ll play Saturday and maybe a change in style. Livingston will be quite physical, so that’s another challenge. It’s just something you’ve got to deal with. 

How do you feel like your role has changed under Brendan compared to Ange (Postecoglou)?

Not that much, to be honest. We’re trying to improve as we go along. We’re getting better. The manager is very clear in what he is trying to build here, but he also loved the way we played previously in the fast and attacking football. That’s in Celtic’s DNA, so hopefully that can continue and hopefully we can continue to try and improve and show that.

Obviously missing key players in the back line. How well do you think the lads have adapted to the changes?

I think that’s what football is these days. Now it’s so important that you’ve got a strong squad, and at a team like Celtic we’re lucky that we’ve got lots of players that can be called upon. We’ve got Liam Scales and Gustaf Lagerbielke playing at the moment, and they’ve done outstanding, considering they probably didn’t think they’d be the first in and expect to be thrown in straight away, but that’s what happens and they’ve dealt with it.

One thing’s for sure, when you go to Livingston, you’re going to be in for a test.

For sure. It’s been difficult games every time we’ve played there. David Martindale sets up his teams well. He knows what their strengths are and plays to it. We’ve got to be aware of that, but also just focus on our own strengths and our own football.

You scored there last season? 

I scored there last season, aye. It’s a nice memory and a nice goal to be fair. I enjoyed it.

Can I ask you again briefly about Liam Scales? How impressed have you been with how he’s done since he came in?

Yeah, he’s done really well, and I think he done really well - to be fair to him - when he was on loan at Aberdeen last year. We obviously didn’t get to play against him, but anytime you got to see the games he equipped himself really well. He’s taken that into this season, he’s came, with a new manager he’s trying to impress, and I think when he’s been given his opportunity - whether that was pre-season or the more recent games - he’s taken it.

Liam Scales did well at Ibrox and against Feyenoord, didn’t he?

Exactly. I am sure he can be pretty pleased with his showings, but I am sure, certainly, the other night he would rather it was in a win.

Do you feel like one of the senior players in the squad?

Yeah, probably because I am one of the senior players in the squad now and one of the vocal ones in the team. Everyone plays their part whether they are vocal or leading by example when they are on the pitch giving their all for the club.

Do you enjoy being one of the senior boys?

I enjoy it. I am not shy in chatting, but neither are guys like Alistair Johnston as I am sure you well know. We have a good group; it is a young group, but a lot of the guys are not shy in giving their opinions. They all just want the same thing and that is for us to improve and continue to grow.

Did you think when you first joined that three or four years down the line you would be one of the first names on the team sheet?

I did, because you need to have that inner self-belief. I am sure many others did not, that is the reality of it. That is most footballers’ journeys in terms trying to prove people wrong. You must want to continue to do that. I said when I signed that “the hardest thing to do is make yourself a regular” and that has proved to be the case. It has not been easy. You have always had someone breathing down your neck to take your position and I just want to improve and play as many games as possible.

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How did you feel about having to prove people wrong?

I think everyone does in every walk of life. Those are the challenges you face in life and that is what drives me on.

Do you feel you are more vocal now than when you first arrived at Celtic?

I think naturally I am loud but I would say the more games you play and the more comfortable you feel that people begin to respect your opinion even more.

Do you see the new players growing in terms of being more vocal around the dressing room?

Yeah, we have guys like Cam [Cameron Carter-Vickers] who is more naturally quiet, but he shows character in his performances. We have boys who have come in and done really well this year and I am sure as time moves on they will be able to make their voices heard in the changing room as well.