Everything Liam Scales and Gustaf Lagerbielke said to Sky Sports following Celtic's 1-0 win over Rangers in the Glasgow Derby...

Gentlemen, very well done. Liam, just sun up how big a win that was?

LS: Yeah, cheers. We’ve had a couple of disappointing results in a row. To come here and win like that, we head to dig in. The second half was just defending and it was good, I enjoyed it. It was a massive win. It’s just one game at the start of the season, but it gives us a good little break going into the international break finishing the frustrating fixtures on a win so it’s good.

Is that about character as well, digging in, in that second half?

Yeah, of course. It’s hard to come here. In the first half, we dominated with a lot of the ball and played very well and we had to defend when they had their spells. They’re a good side and you’re not going to come here and dominate the whole game. When we had to dig in we did and we showed a lot of character

Tell us about the defensive partnership that you guys are trying to build?

Yeah, we’ve been sort of out together the last two games and it’s two clean sheets in a row so we can’t complain. We’re still getting to know each other’s games and there’s still a lot of improvements to come, but I think we’ve done well to be thrown together for these two games. Gustaf was in the door a week and was straight into the team. It takes a while to get used to how we play but we’re happy playing together. It’s good.

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Gustaf, your first experience playing this fixture. How did you find it? 

GL: Like everyone told me, it was a great atmosphere. Tough to come here, they’re a good team, but we stuck together and I think we played well. I’m the second half we showed a lot of team spirit. Even though there are a lot of new guys, we showed that we’re a team and we stick together.

What did you learn about playing in this fixture and what’s required? 

Keep your head calm. There’s a lot of noise and emotion. Try to zoom out and focus on what we had to do. 

Rangers thought they had scored when Kemar Roofe scored. It was called back because of VAR - there was a foul on you. Can you just talk us through it? Was there no doubt there was a foul on you?

I took it forward then took a few too many touches, then was fouled by Cyril Dessers. They scored, but fortunately for us, it was a foul. I could breathe after that.

Was there a worry at that point that there would have been a goal?

I thought it never should count with VAR, but I’m happy it wasn’t a goal. 

Liam, just finally from your point of view. We saw you at Aberdeen last season getting a lot of games. Now you’re back in at Celtic. Do you feel there’s this pathway to play more often given what you said earlier about two clean sheets?

LS: Yeah definitely. I’m taking it as it comes game by game because there have been a couple of injuries that have given me this opportunity to get in and get this chance. I have to keep taking it game by game and doing as well as I can while I’m in.