Everything Brendan Rodgers said to the BBC.

Did you deserve the win today? 

No, no, I don't think so. I think there was enough effort put in from the players, but obviously, the keeper makes a couple of really good saves. But overall, I didn't think we played at the tempo that we would want to in terms of the speed of the game. And then you need a little bit of craft to break down a team that's low. I think St Johnstone deserved something from the game in terms of their attitude. For us, we lacked a number of things that you need to win a game. So, a disappointing result and performance. 

Why do you think that performance came, obviously off the back of going out the cup last week as well? 

There are a number of things that we're working on that we need to be better in but certainly, the tempo of the game was too slow and breaking through into areas with a bit more quality. Like I said, we had chances. We arrived in good spaces but we have to show that little bit more imagination, that bit more quality to penetrate. And sadly, we weren't able to do that. 

We know you're obviously hampered with injuries at the moment. That's a fact. Is that playing a part in the process of you trying to tinker with the way the side play compared to last season? 

No, listen, no. It's nothing to do with the way the team's playing. How we arrive into the final third of the pitch or into their half it is exactly the same. They've got the width and the game. They get the numbers on the inside and they come up in behind it, so in terms of message, in the opposition’s half, there’s no difference in the message. It's sometimes what happens after you win a Treble. You know, it. It can happen. You put such a big effort into last season, then you come into this season. There's a greater expectation, opponents will always up their game against you so, but it's my job to find the solutions. 

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Are they carrying out exactly what you want them to do? 

We spoke about that at half time - that you have to really go and attack the box. And making sure you're there to attack it. But that's that's something that will come. 

I think it's fair to say there was a bit of a negative reaction overall, and specifically one over in the corner where the Green Brigade are. What's your reaction to that? 

No, I totally understand it. I think when you play to that performance level and you get a result at home against any team but you're playing against a team, with the greatest respect, that hasn't won so many games and conceded goals to then not score and not get the three points it's clearly not what we want and it's not what the supporters expect. So, I totally understand that. You have to get results at this club, if not then the flack will come your way, so we have to take that. But we have to continue working to make it better. It’s still very early in the season. But you can clearly see there's a lot of work to do. 

What do you need to do to get a result against Rangers? 

Everything. We'll work again in the week. I think from today, we'll go away and analyze the game and look at the areas where we can be better. And then, like I said, we'll take that into a good week's training and then we'll go fully ready and committed for next weekend. 

And I think you've alluded to already that you expect a a fairly busy week in terms of ends and possibly outs as well? 

Possibly. We certainly need to improve this squad. That's for sure. So hopefully we can do that.