Everything Brendan Rodgers said to BBC Sportsound immediately following Celtic's defeat to Kilmarnock in the Viaplay Cup...

Brendan, commiserations, not the afternoon you wanted here. What was your assessment of the 90 minutes you saw here?

Yeah, didn’t do enough to win the game. We had a couple of good moments in the first half and some pressure in the second half. We’re disappointed with the goal; the goal comes from a throw-in and even though we’re down a man at the time the ball shouldn’t get that far. We need to win our duels and defend it better. And then probably on the other side, we didn’t do enough when we had the ball and didn’t show enough quality and enough personality when we had it. I thought Yang came on and made a difference for us, he was direct. Haksabanovic came in as well and he looked a threat when he was on the field, but other than that were never had the quality to win the game.

How much of what you saw was maybe down to some of your players not being at the top of their game and how much was down to Kilmarnock – we talked about pre-match at how they’ve started the season superbly.

You have to give all the credit to Kilmarnock. They defended strong, they got their blocks in when they had to, and they took one of the few chances they had in the game. You have to give them credit, but of course, I have to analyse ourselves and our quality wasn’t good enough in the game.

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We again mentioned pre-match that this was just your third game and Kilmarnock’s seventh. Was there an element do you think of Celtic still trying to get up to speed whereas Killie have already hit their rhythm?

No, I think whenever you play for Celtic you have to be up to speed, you get enough time over pre-season – we played enough game exercises – we've had our games. So, there's no excuses. We weren’t good enough today.

You mentioned pre-match as well about incomings and outgoings. There are a couple of weeks left of the transfer window. Do you expect there still to be a fair bit of activity either way at the club?

Hopefully. I think you can see we need that quality; we've had quality go out of the building so we definitely need that quality in. The club will work very, very hard to get the players in that can improve us and make us better, and that’s something we’ll do over the period of time between now and the close of the window.